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Absinthe Mansinthe

Absinthe Mansinthe

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Marilyn Manson drinks Absinthe, now he has his own Absinthe brand - Mansinthe. The Absinthe itself is green with a smooth and balanced taste. It has a low anise level and therefore doesn´t have an extreme licorice taste. Try it and experience what inspires Marilyn!

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  • 66.6% alcohol
  • 0.7 liter / 23.65 fl.oz

Absinthe Review: Absinthe Mansinthe

Absintheur: Daniel Smith 12.05.2015

my bottle cam today just trying a few glasses its got nice smell and a strong taste but very moreish and the bottle looks fantastic to
Absintheur: William Johnson 02.04.2015

I\'m a big fan of Marilyn Manson, and had high hopes for this absinthe. To be honest, it\'s a nice absinthe for non-absinthe drinkers. I\'ll keep a bottle around for my friends that are more in the hipster/Jägermeister class of drinkers. It\'s not very strong at all and has no bitter after taste. To me it\'s almost to sweet to be a real absinthe.
Absintheur: Edward Clay 12.04.2012

The taste is mature, multi-layered and more-ish. The colour is vivid but the louche is mediocre. The smell is delicious. The bottle design is sexy. The fact that it\'s a Manson collaboration is no basis for judging this Absinthe. I\'ll be buying it again!
Absintheur: Subliminal Penguin 02.04.2012

I was hesitant to try this at first because I feared that MM may have been drinking this stuff during the recording of the last two albums. Also, it is called \"Mansinthe\" and I don\'t tend to (willingly) swallow things that contain \"Man\". I was on a two day bender and ended up at some goth broad\'s house and this was the only thing left on her shelf. I really had little choice at this point. I downed half the bottle in one pull and it tastes AMAZING. I\'ve never had so much distilled EVIL in my mouth before. I had to finish the rest even though the goth chick (who I\'d just met) got pretty uppity because I guess this stuff is expensive. Also, suffice it to say that I was less than the \"God of Fu*k\" the night before, if you catch my drift. May have been the coke and booze but I told her that the Twilight poster on her wall wasn\'t helping matters any and she started yelling at me and cutting herself so I high tailed it out of there. I won\'t bore you with too much info but the night ended with me blasting ACSS outside of the nearby church as I smashed the windows out of the van that they use to bring old people to church. I also spraypainted \"Amboog-a-lard\" on the front door of the church. I can not express how liberating this was. Until TR starts making \"Broken: The Malt Liquor For Nihilists\" this will be my go to drink for a night of goth madness!
Absintheur: Theresa Diaz 08.07.2009

I just got my bottle of mansinthe today and incidentally it also happened to be my very first experience with absinthe at all. And I must say me and my fiance both thought it was excellent and will definitly order it again when it runs out. We both have loved marilyn manson for a long time and although it is what got us curious about it it is not the only reason we like the mansinthe. The taste is very exquisite and enjoyable (especially for someone like me who is very picky about taste and dont like anything to bitter). It went down very smooth and I think he did an excellent job on it. I also got a bottle of strong68 and we still have to try it but when it comes to mansinthe I give it 100%. Very nice mellow enjoyable effect. A lovely experience.
Absintheur:  Visitor 02.03.2009

la mansinthe un gout inoubliable une absinthe a déguster absolument pour les collectionneur il y a une bouteille de mansinthe en édition limitée c une bouteille de 50cl il yen a que 80 dépêchez vous j' en détiens une car j adore marilyn manson
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