Absinthe of the Month: Strong68

Strong68, our bestselling Absinthe, is our Absinthe of the Month: Like the name suggests, Strong68 is a quite powerful Absinthe. It is distilled with an extraportion of wormwood and has a naturally green color. This month we add to every bottle two Absinthe coasters for free.

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Strong68, our bestselling Absinthe, is our Absinthe of the Month: Like the name suggests, Strong68 is a quite powerful Absinthe made with an extraportion wormwood. This makes it slightly bitter to the taste, but also effective for a real experience. If you are looking for the perfect Absinthe effect, this Absinthe is your choice. Nevertheless it is important to point out, that Absinthe is not a drug. You will not hallucinate (sorry). Nevertheless, Absinthe can give you a state of higher physical and mental activation. In the 19th century poets, artist and writers often drank a glass of Absinthe for inspirational sakes. Indeed, some legendary artworks owe their existence to the Green Fairy. Besides being strong, Strong68 is an original Absinthe, meaning that it is made in France, distilled with wormwood (instead of being an oil mix) and naturally colored using herbs and spices. The wormwood is cultivated on the fields of the distillery in France, which guarantees premium quality. The alcoholic strength is as well set to the classic level of 68% by volume. Only at that level the natural green color of the spirit is preserved.

For free: As Strong68 is our Absinthe of the Month you will receive two original ALANDIA Absinthe coasters for free. They convince with premium quality and a classy design. The material they are made of is synthetic leather, it is a durable material that can get wet. You can therefore place your (wet) glasses and Absinthe spoons on them without any worries. Of course they are made in the Fairies iconic color, green.


How to drink Strong68 Absinthe:

You should drink Strong68 according to the classic French Absinthe ritual. You need an Absinthe glass, an Absinthe spoon (your new coasters), sugar cubes and ice cold water for this traditional ritual. This is how it works: You place the Absinthe spoon on the rim of the glass, put a sugar cube on top and slowly add water. We recommend a ratio of 1 part Absinthe to three parts water. The Absinthe in the glass blends with water and magically louches from green to an opalescent white color. Your glass of Absinthe is prepared. And a final note, we do not recommend to burn the sugar cube, this is sometimes promoted. But this is (1.) dangerous as Absinthe is 136 proof, (2.) not historically authentic and (3.) destroys the aroma of the fine spirit. Drink Absinthe like we described above, this is the best and most authentic way.


Mandatory Information

Country of Origin: France
Alcohol: 68%
Content (l): 0.5
Contains Colorings: No
Sales Denomination: Spirit
Food Business Operator: ALANDIA GmbH & Co. KG, Bismarckstr. 49, 50672 Köln
Tasting Notes: Naturally green Absinthe with a slight bitterness and strong effect


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Just fantastic
Loved the coasters, green is so my color too!
The Strong68 is lovely. The flavor is intense but in a good way. For a person who's only ever had Lucid before... Well, this was just brilliant.
Lovely box for a new absinthe-lover! With this i can try and choose different type of absinthe. Thanks Alandia! Excellente service!
A great verte
This is one of the flagship absinthes of Alandia. It has a nice louche and a rich, complex and smooth flavor. You can't go wrong with this one (Maison ALANDIA).

3 Item(s)

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