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In 2001 ALANDIA went online. Supported by Absintheurs around the world ALANDIA quickly developed into one of the leading Absinthe stores on the market. Therefore, since 2001 we are proudly serving the Absinthe community! In our online store you can buy original Absinthe, this means all our Absinthes are distilled with wormwood. Our mission statement is to bring you back the intriguing world of Absinthe. That is why we offer real Absinthe for sale plus original Absinthe accessories to drink and prepare Absinthe the traditional way.

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Placing an order is safe and convenient, as we accept PayPal, credit cards and bank transfer payments. We ship to all European countries, the USA, Japan and many other countries. All Absinthe orders to the USA are shipped via Airmail or Courier Express. If you choose Courier Express, you will get your order already after 2-3 days. The delivery is 100% guaranteed, meaning that you will get your order safe and sound, or we will refund you your money. This is the trusted 100% ALANDIA Delivery Guarantee which is included in our prices. You do not have to pay extra for this premium service. There is absolutely nothing you have to worry about if you buy original Absinthe at ALANDIA. Especially as we are in business for more than 18 years and serve more than 30.000 satisfied Absintheurs around the world. We wish you a good time browsing through our online store, welcome to the world of Absinthe, welcome to ALANDIA - the place where to buy Absinthe online!

Which Absinthe should I buy?

To get started we recommend to buy our bestselling Absinthe Strong68. It is a strong Absinthe, made according to a traditional recipe from the 19th century. Distillation takes place in France (Europe) at a small-batch distillery from 1859. The wormwood for this Absinthe is locally grown at the fields of the distillery. This guarantees best quality. The color of Strong68 is naturally green, solely deriving from the coloring herbs. Maison ALANDIA is our house brand. This Absinthe has a very complex recipe and taste (it is distilled with 16 herbs and spices) and comes with a classic alcohol percentage of 68%. It is a very good Absinthe if you are looking for highest quality and complexity.

The green Absinthes ALANDIA Verte and Absinthe Heritage Verte are as well a recommended purchase. ALANDIA Verte is a very original Absinthe and its smooth flavor profile makes it very suitable for beginners. Heritage Verte Absinthe has the same alcoholic volume but uses an aromatic wine alcohol base, which gives this Green Fairy liquor a nice Cognac note in the finish. Overall we have so many good Absinthes for sale, that you should take your time and browse through our authentic selection of original Absinthes. Absinthe reviews written by Absintheurs for Absintheurs are available for many brands. They will help you to find the best Absinthe. Just check the detailed product description pages and you will see the reviews. Of course, you can also consult our bestseller list. We also recommend to buy original Absinthe accessories like Absinthe Spoons, Absinthe Glasses and Absinthe Fountains while visiting our online store. The right accessories add so much nostalgia and excitement to the ritual. With them you will experience the Green Fairy the original way, enjoy your journey!

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How do I drink Absinthe?

The original way of drinking Absinthe is the so called "French Absinthe Ritual" with water and sugar. It is the way how you should prepare your glass of Absinthe. The focus of this preparation method is set on the “Louche”, the change of color once the green spirit is mixed with ice cold water. Despite popular belief, the original way of serving Absinthe does not include fire. The “Fire Ritual” where a sugar cubes gets soaked with Absinthe and is lit up is not historically authentic and we do not recommend it. In simple words, do not burn your Absinthe. It destroys the fine flavor of the green spirit and is as well quite dangerous. Following the recommended classic French Absinthe Ritual, you start with pouring some Absinthe (30 ml / 1 oz)  into an Absinthe glass. Then an Absinthe spoon with one or two sugar cubes is placed on the rim and iced water is poured over the sugar into the glass. The sugar cube dissolves, water blends with Absinthe and the green liquor begins to louche in white sages. Your glass of Absinthe is prepared after adding approx. 120 ml / 4 oz of water. In our Absinthe Ritual video you will notice, that we pour as well some Absinthe over the sugar cube. You can do it as well, it is a little trick. The sugar cube dissolves a little bit slower, when it is soaked with Absinthe / alcohol.

Why was Absinthe banned?

As you probably know, Absinthe was banned at the beginning of the 20th century. Fortunately, since 1998 the sale and consumption of Absinthe in the European Union and a short time later in all other countries of the world is legal again. But what actually led to the ban of the Green Fairy? There are some stubborn rumours about this, which is why we would like to tell you the true reasons about the Absinthe ban.

At the beginning of the 20th century Absinthe was increasingly stigmatized as a drink that makes people crazy and violent. The decisive factor for this negative propaganda was a spectacular murder in 1905. Mr. Jean Lanfray, a Swiss farmer with a severe alcohol problem, murdered his pregnant wife and his two little daughters in an intoxication with alcohol. Horrified by the brutality of the murders, a culprit was quickly found: The devilish liquor Absinthe! Because Mr. Lanfray had drunk - beside various glasses of wine and cognac - as well a glass of Absinthe. A welcomed information for the prohibitionists, now they had a media-effective event, which justified their interests to forbid the high-percentage alcoholic drink. The story seemed clear at first glance: Absinthe makes you crazy. However, the farmer had already drunk a lot of (other) alcohol that evening. This fact, however, was deliberately concealed in the sense of an intended ban of the wormwood spirit. In addition, the wine industry also advocated a ban. Their sales had declined strongly due to the phylloxera that had invaded Europe, as the poor harvest led to an increase in the prices of wine and cognac. The Absinthe producers were new competitors on the market, whose one could get rid of by a prohibition of the drink comfortably. Therefore, economic interests as well as a general advance of the prohibitionists were the real reasons for the ban of the Green Fairy.

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