Welcome to the World of Absinthe!

But who is actually ALANDIA...?

First of all we are Absintheurs and want to offer you with our online store access to the World of Absinthe. At our store you can buy some of the best Absinthes available on the market. This means Absinthes that are distilled according to traditional recipes from the 19th century. We are also an Absinthe producer, meaning that we cooperate with distilleries to produce the ALANDIA Spirit Absinthe line. Some of our brands are Absinthe Heritage Verte, Maison ALANDIA, Strong68 or Absinthe République Vintage. Besides that we also offer authentic Absinthe accessories like spoons, glasses and fountains. And as well in this field we reach beyond a pure retailer, as we produce high quality barware under the label ALANDIA Barware. Our flagship product is the Triple A Absinthe fountain, but also the silver-plated Paris 1889 or stainless-steel Feuilles Absinthe spoons are real masterpieces of highest quality. To complete our selection we also offer premium copper Barware for sale, like Moscow Mule copper mugs or re-usable copper straws.

Absinthe Store ALANDIA

Real Absinthe with original Absinthe Accessories


The Online Store ALANDIA:

Our general mission is to raise your interest level for the fascinating spirit “Absinthe”. We want to be your amicable and professional partner, providing you with the right products and information. Our experience of being in the Absinthe business for more than 17 years helps us to fulfill our objectives. We want to make it easy and convenient for you to order Absinthe online. Therefore we are focusing on up to date shop software and the competence of reliable partners. For payments we use the world leading online payment company PayPal and shipping is done via DHL Express. We guarantee that you will get your order safe and sound. If anything unexpected happens, for example breakage, loss or custom problems, we will refund or reship, whatever you prefer. That is our trusted ALANDIA Delivery Guarantee. If there should be anything else you are dissatisfied with, please let us know. We are there for you and will get it sorted out. Promised!

In our Absinthe Blog you can find interesting information about the spirit Absinthe. If you want to stay up to date in regard of the latest offers and product releases, please visit our ALANDIA Facebook site. We are already 16.000+ Absintheurs there and would be very happy to welcome as well you to our community! Much love,

your ALANDIA Team  

Mike & Matthias from ALANDIA


The ALANDIA Founding Story:

Once upon a time…

In this style lots of stories begin and actually it is the same with the ALANDIA story. We don't want to give any morals how to be a good kid, we just want to tell you how it all started. How we began to dance with the Green Fairy…

In the year 2000 my best pale and I were planning our summer vacations. In Germany we have no beaches, or at least the water is not that warm, so we decided to head to Spain. Our aim was the beautiful island Mallorca in the Mediteranean sea. It is famous for their wild night life and considered as THE holiday island of the Germans. One month later we sat in the plane, shorts packed and ready for some adventures…

After some nice days on the island we decided to rent a car and cruise over the island. Mallorca has a lot to offer. The capital Palma de Mallorca has a very nice cathedral “Sa Seu”, which once made Frederic Chopin say, that it is the most beautiful he had ever seen. On our cruise over the island we also passed a bar which had an advertisement on the outside, Absenta 1000 Pesetas. Absenta, Absinthe, I thought loudly. That's the drink of the 19th century. Typical associations of van Gogh came into my mind. I already had read some articles in the German press, as Absinthe was just legalized in Germany, so I said to my pale, lets stop and get a bottle! After a nice chat with the liquor store owner, we were the proud owner of our first first bottle of Absinthe! We wanted to open the bottle right away but decided to wait for the night to come, to experience the Green Fairy the right way. We served our first Absinthe with water and sugar. The experience was intense, although the Absinthe retrospectively wasn't the best. But that didn't matter, we just tried the Green Fairy, that was all that counted. For the rest of our vacations, the Green Fairy was our close friend. And yes, on our flight home our bags were packed with some bottles of the Green Fairy. But it needed another experience to finally start with ALANDIA...

Cathedral of Palma

The Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca

In spring 2001 I decided to make vacations in Salamanca to improve my Spanish skills. As you might know from your own experiences, after some hours of studying you need some relaxation. My study buddies suggested to go to "La Chupeteria" a bar that sells primarily shots (chupitos). As Absinthe was never forbidden in Spain, they also had Absinthe on the menu. Needless to say that we had quite a good time - I finally fell in love with the Green Fairy...

Back in Germany me and my friend did some market research and realized that already some Absinthe brands were available through the Internet. On ebay some pioneers sold some crappy Absinthe (Pere Kermann) and in my local C&C store they had Tabu Absinthe on the shelves. I have to admit at the beginning you drank everything, the hype of the new drink was just that strong. As I was always interested in making use of the world wide web I decided to start an Absinthe site dedicated to our beloved drink. After some days of creative Absinthe sipping a name was found: ALANDIA. Seven letters like the word Absinthe (well almost..) and easy to remember due to the fact of the aliteration. Also the word “LAND” was in the name, which fitted to our brand Mantra “World of Absinthe”. A very easy shop was uploaded and we started to offer Absinthe to share the experience of the Green Fairy. We now write the year 2001…

ALANDIA Image of 2001

The first graphic that we uploaded to the ALANDIA website back in 2001, fancy, right :-)

As me and my friend still had our studies to finish, everything was at the beginning fun, combined with the possibility to get our beloved Green Fairy by our own. The “warehouse” and “logistic center” was the cellar of our shared student apartment and the rooms were filled with Absinthe bottles and Absinthe accessories. I even had my own bar in my sleeping room, the Green Fairy was literally everywhere. We started to organize Absinthe parties, and convinced our friends to fall in love with our new passion.

That was the start of ALANDIA, we write the year 2001, the rest is history…

ALANDIA World of Absinthe est. 2001