Absinthe Wormwood: Some facts about the real Green Fairy

Authentic Absinthe contains the herb artemisia absinthium, also known as wormwood. The essential oils of the wormwood plant contain the ingredient "thujon / thujone". The amount of thujone in an Absinthe is limited by law. In the US only 10mg per liter are legal, in the European Union up to 35mg are legal. If you want to buy strong Absinthe made according to EU standards with maximum amount of wormwood, then you can browse through the products of our Absinthe store. We offer a large selection of different styles of real Absinthe made with wormwood. But have in mind that Absinthe is not a drug. You will not see pink elephants. Nevertheless Absinthe made with a higher amount of wormwood has a stronger Absinthe taste profile. Distilled wormwood is slightly bitter, but also has a very delicate flowerish, perfumated taste. Therefore strong Absinthe differs from Absinthe made with less wormwood. If you directly want to buy a bottle of original Absinthe just click on one of the products below:

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What is Absinthe and which one contains wormwood?

Wormwood AbsintheAbsinthe is a liquor distilled out of the three herbs: Grande wormwood, lat. artemisia absinthium, fennel and green anise (+ various other herbs, depending on the specific recipe). It has approx. 68% alcohol and is naturally green in color. You drink Absinthe with ice cold water, normally you don´t drink it as a shot! The taste is licorice, due to fennel and anise. The wormwood plant makes Absinthe slightly bitter from its taste. That is also the reason why it is consumed with one or two sugar cubes, depending on your preferences. Wormwood is commonly hold responsible for the toxicity of wormwood-flavoured alcoholics, particularly Absinthe, the “drink of the age” in France a hundred years ago.

The wormwood leaves are silvery green and the plant is growing up to 1.5 meters. Wormwood contains an essential oil with the ingredient "thujone". Thujon was blamed to cause mental illness, that was the official explanation why Absinthe should and finally was prohibitted at the "Fin de Siecle". Thujone does not only appear in the wormwood plant. It is a monoterpenoid ketone also appearing in sage, thuja and, according to some sources, in a close relative of mugwort, southernwood. But Absinthe got legalized once again. Why? Because Absinthe was stigmatized at the turn of the century. It was blamed for social problems in society. It was the scapegoat for an anti alcohol movement which was big during this time (Prohibition in the USA). But Absinthe got legalized once again, as it was proven that only very high doses of thujon are a threat for your health.

Does Absinthe nowadays still contain wormwood?

Yes! Nowadays you can buy real Absinthe with wormwood online. Some rumors exist, that Absinthe was stronger back in the days. But this is a myth. Vintage Absinthes were analysed and it was proven that they did not contain higher amounts of wormwood. If you find Absinthes in the net advertising with 100mg thujon or more (King of Spirits Gold for example or Century Absinthe) then this is nothing more than a rip off. These bottles are sold for a very high price, but sometimes don´t contain any wormwood at all!

The Absinthe effect is caused by the combination of high proof alcohol, Absinthe has 68% (138 proof) and all the herbal ingredients. This means the effect is not limited to the amount of thujon. If you are looking for real strong Absinthe, then get a bottle of Strong68 or Hamlet Hardcore. These Absinthes have approx. 35mg thujon AND the right combination of other herbs, that make you feel different after some glasses. But absinthe is not a drug, you will not hallucinate. Read more about the Absinthe Effect here, if you are interested.

Besides its usage in Absinthe you can also brew a tea out of wormwood. Soak 1 teaspoon in a cup of hot (non-boiling) water. The tea has a bitter taste, which hardly can be avoided. You can mix it with peppermint leaves or anise or add sugar, but it still will keep its significant taste. Wormwood is used medically as a tonic, stomachic, febrifuge and anthelmintic. Wormwood is also used to give some other alcoholic beverages its taste. For example the commonly known "Vermouth" (Martini), where dried wormwood used to give the wine ist specific taste. Anyway, Martini contains no thujone.

Where can I buy real Absinthe with wormwood?

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