Absinthe Thujone: Ranking of the strongest brands

Many Absintheurs have asked us which Absinthe is the strongest and which one has the highest level of thujone. And we are often asked why we do not write the thujone content in mg next to each Absinthe. Therefore we decided to upload this website to provide some relevant information in regard of thujone. If you directly want to buy a strong Absinthe, just check out the following brands:

Strong Absinthe at ALANDIA

Absinthe and Thujone doesn´t mean that Absinthe is a drug!

Thujon and AbsintheFACT #1: Absinthe is NOT a drug. It will cause a physical and mental activation but you will not hallucinate. Therefore "Absinthe" also will not show up in any drug test.

FACT #2: The thujone content in an Absinthe varies from distillation to distillation as it depends on the quality of the herbs used. Not every year the wormwood harvest is the same. Sometimes the weather and other circumstances lead to a higher content of thujon in the wormwood plant. Therefore, as the Absinthe recipe stays the same, it might be that the same recipe with the same amount of wormwood results in an Absinthe with higher thujon. "Exact mg" numbers you might find in the net are just estimations. Do not look too much at them. Also Absinthe producers advertising with "100mg of thujon" are con artists, they just want your money, often these Absinthes contain 0 mg thujon. Avoid to walk into this rip-off trap! And have in mind, not only the amount of thujon causes the Absinthe effect, it is an interplay of all the herbal ingredients and of course the high degree of alcohol.

FACT #3: Absinthe has much more to offer than just "thujone". It is a drink of history, pleasure and quality. But of course it is the personal decision of every Absintheur if he drinks for pleasure or for the Absinthe effect.

We will not promote any "thujon super bombs", but as many of our Absintheurs asked us for our personal experiences we will publish an "Absinthe Effect Ranking". It is a subjective listing, based on our personal meetings with the Green Fairy. Enjoy and drink with responsibility! If you directly want to buy one of these brands, then visit the "Strong" section in our online shop

Thujon Absinthe Ranking

1. Absinthe Strong68 (Our bestseller, approx. 35mg thujone, best effect based on herbal composition, 68% alcohol)

2. Absinthe Hamlet Hardcore (The absolute Sock Off Nocker, approx. 35mg thujone plus 80% alcohol)

3. Absinthe Gothica (Black/purple in color, approx. 35mg thujone plus 80% alcohol)

4. Absinthe Gold68 (Anisefree Absinthe, non licorice taste, approx. 35mg thujone, 68% alcohol)

These Absinthes can all be found in our Strong Absinthe section, in this section all Absinthes are listed that use maximum wormwood, meaning that they have high levels of thujone - So if you are looking for the Absinthe effect, buy Absinthes from the Strong section. 

The best way to drink Absinthe with Thujon

If you want to drink Absinthe with a high level of thujon to experience the Absinthe effect you should perform the Absinthe Ritual: You have to have an Absinthe spoon an Absinthe glass and sugar. Do not prepare the Green Fairy the "Czech way", meaning with fire. The fire destroys not only your beautiful accessories, but also the fine taste of the Green Fairy. Therefore we recommend to drink the Green Fairy the original French way, where you only add ice cold water and sugar - No Fire! If you prepare the Green Fairy the original way, you need some authentic accessories like fountains, glasses and spoons for Absinthe. You can get all of these accessories in our store ALANDIA.


Below you can see a video of Strong68 Absinthe, the #1 from the ranking:

Read what other Absintheurs say about the Absinthes from the thujon ranking:

„After some of the reviews I read, I was expecting something gratuitously bitter, but that wasn\'t the case at all. Maybe you guys tweeked the formula within the past year, but Strong68 tastes amazing, and just like absinthe is supposed to: there is definitely a wormwood \"bite\" at the fore, but the anise is there too, and adds enough balance so that I only needed one sugar cube (if that). This is excellent stuff, with a delicious taste that betrays its 68 abv."

Joseph from USA (Strong68)

„All-be-it, this is my first sample of European Absinthe, as in the States we only have a few "Americanized" Absinthe's like Lucid, Kubler, St. George, La Torment Vert ect, all of which I've had, and this surprisingly does not have the bite I was expecting. Contrary to previous reviews, done in the traditional manor, this Absinthe does louche, but the blue coloring hides it. You can still see the clouding up behind the color though. The effects are exactly what I expected, as a friend of mine had a bottle a few years ago and I did 2 shots (which, unless you are a lunatic, I would recommend against doing) and noticed within 10 minutes the "green fairy" (or in this case, the blue fairy...). The flavor, well, is Absinthe. In the traditional preparation, it has a very well balance between the herbs used. The after taste lingers for a moment with a flowery, herbal taste on the back of the tongue. It has the "bitter" bite of the wormwood, which rears its wonderful head very clearly from the get go. I would have to say that this Absinthe is overall a better Absinthe than Lucid. The licorice is not overpowering at all. I like this one and will definitely be ordering it again and again. The package arrived in 7 business days, as stated. I cannot wait to order more varieties. I love this drink. Absinthe is the only thing I drink and will be the only thing I ever drink if I can help it. I would and will definitely recommend this to others.“

Travor from USA (Gothica)

„We loved this absinthe. It had a more pronounced wormwood effect, and I personally enjoy the slightly upped bitterness (not being a person who likes sweets). We found it smooth, nice louche, and we didn\'t add any sugar cubes."

C.J from USA (Hamlet Hardcore)