Absinthe Alcohol: All you need to know

Absinthe or Absynthe is a high proof alcoholic spirit. Brands have an alcohol percentage of 45% up to 90% by vol. (90 - 180 proof). Some people are always shocked about the high percentage of an Absinthe, but actually as you blend the alcohol with cold water, a prepared glass of Absinthe contains approximately 14% alcohol percentage by vol. (28 proof), not more than a good red wine. Also vintage Absinthes like the legendary Pernod Fils had an alcohol content of 65-68%. This high alcohol percentage is necessary, as only in such a high-proof spirit the natural green color of the Green Fairy is preserved.

Absinthe, alcohol with a high percentage

How much alcohol has Absinthe?

Absinthe the AlcoholThe common alcohol percentage is 68% alc. vol / 136 proof. But there are stronger and weaker brands on the market. The black Absinthe Hamlet Hardcore has for example 80% / 160 proof. The alcohol percentage has as well an influence on the way how people prepare it. Especially beginners want to set their Absinthe on fire. This ritual is also known as the Czech Fire-Ritual. You soak a sugar cube with the Green fairy and burn the sugar on the spoon. The cube only catches fire, if you have a liquor with at least 60% / 120 proof. But, and this is very important, we do NOT recommend the fire ritual, as it pushes the drug-like image of Absinthe. We, like many other Absintheurs, think that Absinthe is a sophisticated drink with a lot of cuture and style. You should drink it like it was drank 100 years ago, without fire. Check out our Absinthe ritual video section in our store. You will see in the video of the fire ritual another argument why you shouldn't burn your Absinthe, it is very dangerous! We recommend to drink your glass of the Green Fairy the traditional way: This means only with ice cold water and a sugar cube on the Absinthe spoon. For the ice water you can either use a water carafe or an Absinthe Fountain.

The amount of alcohol in an spirit is often regarded as something special and adventurous. And as Absinthe is a special drink, you also find Absinthes on the market which have a very special alcohol degree. Mansinthe for example, the brand from the artist Marilyn Manson has 66.6% alcohol. Guess why...? And the black and green Absinthes Hamlet Hardcore are really the strongest spirits which we sell, they have 80% alcohol. This is really a weapon. Another pretty strong Absinthe with 80% / 160 proof is Gothica Absinthe. Drink all of them responsibly!

Is the effect caused by the absinthe alcohol percentage?

Absinthe has a different effect in comparison to regular alcohol like beer, wine or even vodka. This is because of the high alcohol content of the Green Fairy. The famous herb that gave Absinthe its name is wormwood, lat. artemisia absinthium. And the essential oil of the wormwood plant contains thujone. It is often said, that this ingredient can cause hallucinations. This is untrue! Thujone is toxic, yes, but only in very, very high doses. Absinthe is therefore not a hallucinogenic drug, that's why it was legalized again! And no, preban Absinthe from the 19th century did not have more thujone.

Which alcohol percentage is the best for an Absinthe brand?

Traditionally the green spirit was bottled at an alcohol percentage of 68% (138 proof). This sounds a lot, but have in mind that you drink the Green Fairy never as a shot. You always mix the liquor with ice cold water (the traditional French ritual of serving a glass of the Green Fairy). Then, after blending the spirit, the percentage of the drink is much lower. You can compare the percentage with a glass of wine. Therefore an Absinthe should neither have a very low percentage. This would result in a drink, that tastes quite watered-down. The best Absinthe alcohol percentage is therefore between 65 and 72%. More is not needed and below this percentage the drink just does not taste good.

Where can I buy Absinthe online?

You can buy a bottle of Absinthe at our online store ALANDIA. If you want to buy a bottle of Absinthe in the USA, check out our specific info site Absinthe USA. ALANDIA was founded in 2001 and is run by a group of devoted Absintheurs. ALANDIA is based in Germany, but serves Absintheurs worldwide. Back in 2001, when we founded the company, Absinthe was brandnew. And at the beginning there did not exist a real distribution for this special alcohol. It was hard to get decent Absinthe at all. As time went by and through the support of Absintheurs around the world, ALANDIA quickly developed to the leading Absinthe online shop. Nowadays ALANDIA sells more than 200 different alcoholic spirits, including the ALANDIA spirit line with brands like Strong68, Moulin Vert, République Vintage, Maison, ALANDIA, Gothica, Hamlet and many more. Recently, ALANDIA has entered the Gin market with Six Ravens London Dry Gin with an alcohol percentage of 46% by. vol. We also expanded our market offer to Gin, the ALANDIA online store for Premium Gin is Gin-Kingdom. Check it out, you can buy premium Gin and Tonic Water in the store, we ship worldwide, including of course the USA. There, Absinthe was legalized in 2008 as well.