Green Fairy: Do I see her if I drink Absinthe?

Who is the Green Fairy...? Many myths and stories surround this famous woman. But the Green Fairy is not fictional, the "lady of Absinthe" can be experienced. Because you can buy a bottle of real Absinthe online. In our online store you can choose from a wide range of authentic Absinthes from Europe. And yes, Absinthe is legal, even in the USA. Read more about the legal status of the Green Fairy at our info site.

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You might want to know as well something about the effects of drinking Absinthe: What does the Green Fairy do with me..? Is drinking Absinthe dangerous..? Therefore we have to state upfront, Absinthe is not a halluciongenic drug. You will not get insane or see pink elephants. Sorry, if you expected that. But if you drink 1-2 glasses of Absinthe you can experience what is called the "Absinthe effect". You will feel a mental and physical activation caused by the high-proof alcohol and the herbs of the drink, including thujone, the active ingredient of the wormwood plant. But it will not cause hallucinations and you will not see the Green Fairy in person. It is a very nice mood you are in, you want to talk, dance and think about all sorts of aspects of the world. It boost your creativity and you just feel happy and active. Nevertheless you often hear crazy stories about the effect of Absinthe. For example the myth exists, that van Gogh cut off his ear after some drinks of the spirit. Is it true, or is it just a myth? Well, van Gogh really cut off his ear but can you blame the Green Fairy for it? We have our doubts. The artist had a drug problem. Van Gogh drank terpentine, ate color and definitely suffered from mental illness. So it would be quite unfair and not very intelligent to blame the Green Fairy for his behavior..

Does the Green Fairy appear after drinking some glasses of Absinthe? 

Green FairyWill I see the Green Fairy if I drink Absinthe...? Well, that is a subjective matter, as it depends on how much you drink :-). Normally two to three glasses are sufficient to realize that things are different in comparison to the "real" world. Oscar Wilde was a famous Absintheur and he heavily relied on the activating effects of Absinthe. He ones said: "After the first glass of absinthe you see things as you wish they were. After the second you see them as they are not. Finally you see things as they really are, and that is the most horrible thing in the world." But we would say this is a bit exaggerated. We would state that Absinthe causes a mental activation, which is actually quite pleasant. It is not comparable to any hallucinogenic drug. It is more a creative mood of happiness an relaxation. Some people often ask if it is like THC / smoking Cannabis. It is not. Absinthe makes you active, you want to talk and dance. Therefore the symbol of the Fairy is descriptive. It really is different to smoking cannabis. Absinthe - the Green Fairy - can create vivid dreams and you can feel mentally activated.

After drinking some glasses of Absinthe (alternative spelling: Absynthe) you might get as well that special feeling poets appreciate(d). But it won't make you freak out or cut off your ear. We feel this beloved atmosphere of nostalgia, you think you would travel back in time, sitting in the Moulin Rouge, next to Toulouse Lautrec watching the famous Cancan dancers. And if you let inspire yourself by the drink in this way, then you eventually will see a small Green Fairy taking a bath in your Absinthe glass...

The best way to drink the Green Fairy..? 

If you want to drink Absinthe the authentic way, you have to perform the Absinthe Ritual: You need an Absinthe spoon and an Absinthe glass., some sugar cubes and a water carafe of Absinthe fountain. Do not prepare the Green Fairy according to the "Czech Fire Ritual". This means you should not light up the green liquor. The fire destroys not only your beautiful accessories, but also the fine taste of the herbal spirit. It would be like mixing a good glass of wine with Coke. You simply do not do it. You should drink the Green Fairy according to the original French Ritual, where you only add ice cold water and sugar - no fire. Take a look at our Absinthe video below showing the French Ritual. 



Absinthe and Wormwood

Absinthe is distilled with wormwood. The oil of this plant contains thujone. It is the epitomous ingredient of the Green Fairy. It is sometimes as well spelled "thujon". Thujone is linked to Absinthe as it is said, that this ingredient is responsible for the Absinthe effect. There are many misunderstandings about this ingredient. We have created a specific info site about Absinthe & Thujone, where you can find our more. Most of the Absinthe effects are caused by the high alcohol level of this very special liquor. Or have you every drank 140 proof liquor before...? Some effects might also be attributed to thujone. But the effect is an interplay of alcohol, herbal ingredients and maybe as well the special allure of the drink. Definitley it will not make you freak out. If you know people telling you stories about this, ask them, how they drank Absinthe. We are pretty sure that they consumed the spirit as a shot, which you should never do. Absynthe is just too strong to be drank neat. You should always drink it the traditional way, with water and sugar. Santé.