Is Absinthe legal or illegal? Some facts about the status quo

In the year 2007, almost 100 years after Absinthe prohibition, the alcoholic spirit Absinthe was once again legalized in the USA, but only those Absinthes, which contain less than 10ppm of thujone. Nevertheless this is a very remarkable step as it means that the FDA authorised Absinthe once again for sale in the USA! Amongst other, this change was accomplished by the efforts of two companies. One was and is an Absinthe producer in Switzerland, Kubler Absinthe, the other Viridian Spirits, a US based company. The two of them worked independently of each other and Viridian Spirits was the first to get the legal approval for their Absinthe "Lucid", although Kubler was the first and earliest to fight for Absinthe legalization in the USA. Kubler is a small family owned Swiss distillery, it is the same distillery, that in 2005 had been instrumental in the re-legalization of absinthe in Switzerland itself. Viridian Spirits was a new startup company controlled by Jared Gurfein, a New York attorney. They cooparate with Ted Breaux, inventor of the Jade Absinthes.

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Is Absinthe legal?

The legal status of Absinthe:

100 years there was no legal Absinthe in the USA. But actually the liquor Absinthe can look back on a long history in the USA (and in South and Central America). The most popular spot in the USA for the consumption of Absinthe was New Orleans and its French Quarter. In this quater the famous Old Absinthe House was and still is located. It has been a tourist attraction for more than a century and you can still see the original marble Absinthe fountain, which once again is now used to prepare the Green Fairy - legally....

To put it in a nutshell and to answer the question of interest, yes, Absinthe is legal! Not only in the USA, moreover in the whole world! Actually the USA was one of the last countries to legalize the Green Fairy. In the European Union the legalization started already in 1998. If you want to buy a bottle of original Absinthe, you can legally buy it now online at ALANDIA, we ship worldwide!

Yes, Absinthe is legal! 

Absinthe isn´t illegal anymore. You can say a big dream came true: Almost 100 years Americans had to wait, until Absinthe got legalized once again. Absinthe can now be found legally in alcohol shops and restaurants and bars within the US. A question like: Is Absinthe illegal in the USA...? fortunately belongs to the past. Besides ordering Absinthe in bars and restaurant to enjoy a glass of the Green Fairy, the easiest way is to order it online. Absinthe shops offer a wide range of Absinthe and Absinthe accessories like Absinthe spoonsAbsinthe glasses, Absinthe fountains or Absinthe pipes. A trustworthy Absinthe shop is ALANDIA. It was founded in the year 2001 and has its homebase in Europe. Shipments to the US are processed on daily basis and after the placement of your order it takes approx. 8 days until the Green Fairy arrives in the USA. The delivery is guaranteed, therefore you, the buyer, has no risk at all. Absinthe is legal in the USA, therefore you don´t have to worry about any custom issues. Of course all other Absintheurs can order at ALANDIA as well, they ship worldwide!

Here are some more details about the legal status of Absinthe in the USA: According to the FDA an amount of 10mg thujon per litre pure alcohol is legal. In the European Union 35mg are legal. That is the difference between US Absinthes, for example like Lucid, St. Georges, Tournament Vert or the US Kubler version. Real strong Absinthe still comes from Europe. There the 35mg law allows to produce a legal Absinthe with the triple amount of thujon. Thujon is by the way released by the oil of the wormwood plant.

Absinthe looks back on a long tradition in Europe. Countries like France, Switzerland or Spain have produced the drink legally since decades. Like we described, the legal situation there is different compared to the USA: Real, authentic and strong Absinthe still comes from Europe, not the USA. L´Absinthe´s roots are in Switzerland and France. The first bottle of Absinthe was produced in the late 18th century in Couvet, right at the border to France. It was commercially distributed by Mr. H. L. Pernod. The grand-grandfather of the French Pastis Pernod. Pernod brought Absinthe to its fame and glory. At the turn of the century Absinthe distilleries could be found all over Europe and Absinthe places were a common institution in cities, especially in 19th century Paris. In the USA the Green Fairy, how Absinthe is lovingly called, was mainly drunk in the French quarter in New Orleans. In the Old Absinthe House, the famous Absinthe bar in New Orleans, writers like Hemmingway enjoyed their holy glass of Absinthe. The most historically known Absinthe brand in the US was Herbsaint and Absinthe Butterfly. There exists a new version of Absinthe Butterfly, but it is not from the historical distillery, it is made in Switzerland on the basis of contract manufacturing. Herbsaint is still sold in the USA but as a thujon free Pastis/Anise version.

Absinthe is not illegal anymore..?!

At ALANDIA you can buy the Green Fairy, meaning that this historical liquor is now legally for sale! It is not illegal anymore and does not belong any longer to the controlled substances. To be precise, wormwood, the plant that gives Absynthe its bitterness and effect, was forbidden as a food ingredient as wormwood contains the neuro-toxic ingredient thujon. But it was scientifically proven that thujon also spelled thujone has (only) an activating physical and mental effect. It is only toxic in very high doses.

So how can the effect of Absinthe be described?

- Authentic Absinthe can serve as a mental activator. You feel awake and fit and have the desire to communicate. But it is not a drug (by the way, it WON´T show up in any drug test).

- Absinthe is also famous for its empowering love effects...

To summarize the facts: In European countries 35mg of thujon in an Absinthe are legal. In the US only 10mg (or less) are legal. This is considered as "thujonfree". So basically the legalization of Absinthe is a matter of a higher tolerance level of thujon. But thujone is not the most important thing about Absinthe. The green liquor should be consumed as well for other reasons: It has a long tradition and a very interesting ritual. Remember, you do not drink Absinthe as a shot. You use a special Absinthe glass and an Absinthe spoon for the preparation. Historically, Absinthe was drank between 5 and 6 pm. This time was called the Green Hour.

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