World of Absinthe Set

With this Absinthe set you get everything you need to enter the world of Absinthe. It contains a bottle of our bestseller Absinthe Strong68 plus two traditional Absinthe glasses, two stainless steel Absinthe spoons and a pack of genuine ALANDIA sugar cubes.

This Set contains:

1 x Absinthe ALANDIA Strong68   +€0.00
2 x Absinthe Spoon Classic ALANDIA   +€0.00
2 x Absinthe Glass Pontarlier II   +€0.00
1 x Original Absinthe Sugar Cubes   +€0.00


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With this Absinthe set you get everything you need to enter the world of Absinthe. The set contains a bottle of our bestseller Absinthe Strong68, two traditional Absinthe spoons and Absinthe glasses as well as a large packet of sugar cubes for the traditional preparation of the drinks. Strong68 is made with grand wormwood (artemisia absinthium) and has a strong alcohol content of 68% by vol. (136 proof). In taste Strong68 is a classic Absinthe, i.e. it is distilled with anise and fennel. This happens in France at a traditional distillery more than 150 years old.

The green color of the Absinthe Strong68 is based exclusively on coloring herbs, no colorant is used. This is how it was in the 19th century and this is how it should be today. In addition, Strong68 is a high-quality distillate and not an inferior oil mix. With its alcohol content of 68% it has as well the classic level of the most famous preban Absinthe brands. All in all, quality and tradition are at the forefront of Strong68. The Absinthe is therefore exactly the right choice if you are looking for the real thing. We are sure that this Absinthe together with the traditional accessories will give you a lot of pleasure. A votre santé!

Nutritional Values Sugar (per 100g):  
Energy: 1700kJ (400kcal)
Fat: <0,0g
- of which saturated fatty: 0,0g
Carbohydrates: 100g
- of which sugar: 100g
Protein: <0,0g
Salt: 0,0g
Ingredients: Sugar


Buy Absinthe Sets online: Info for new customers

The Absinthe store ALANDIA was founded in 2001. From this date on ALANDIA proudly serves the Absinthe community around the world (EU, UK, USA, CA, JP etc.). Shipping to the USA is made via Courier Express or Airmail. The delivery is guaranteed. This means if the box should not reach you - whatever the reason might be - we will reship or refund you your money. This is the trusted 100% ALANDIA Delivery Guarantee. It only takes 2-3 business days (Courier Express) until your Absinthe arrives at your door. A tracking number is emailed to you as soon as your order is shipped. Therefore you always know when the Green Fairy will knock at your door. If you have any questions or comments, just email us. Please check out as well our Facebook Fanpage with more information about the Green Fairy and more than 17.000+ satisfied ALANDIA Absintheurs. We would be happy to welcome as well you in the community!


Absinthe Set: How to prepare your glass of Absinthe

In the following video you can see how you prepare Absinthe the traditional French way. You need an Absinthe glass, an Absinthe spoon, sugar cubes and ice cold water for this traditional ritual. This is how it works: You place the Absinthe spoon on the rim of the glass, put a sugar cube on top and slowly add water. The Absinthe in the glass blends with water and magically louches from green to an opalescent white color. Your glass of Absinthe is prepared.


Mandatory Information

Country of Origin: France
Alcohol: 68% vol.
Content: 0.5 l
Contains Colorings: No
Sales Denomination: See Product Detail Page
Food Business Operator: Information on the food labelling of the products included in the set can be found on the respective product detail pages under the tab "Mandatory information".
Absinthe ALANDIA Strong68
Absinthe Sugar Cubes
Tasting Notes: Genuine Absinthe with a pleasantly, slightly bitter wormwood note


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A great welcome to the world of Absinthe
This is a great starter set for me, the novice. Including 2 spoons, 2 well crafted glasses, sugar cubes, and my first bottle of real Absinthe. Strong68 is a great entry level Absinthe, though I have nothing to compare it too. It has the taste of that candy, Good n Plenty, which I like. I would recommend this set for anyone wanting to enter the world of the Green Fairy.
Doesn't Disappoint
A great set for your first absinthe experience. All you need for the absinthe ritual. The wife and I were sooo excited when the package arrived and that night we went through the ritual and had our first taste of a true absinthe. The effect is unlike any alcohol we've ever had. This set will not disappoint.
Love it
Alandia helped me get something I've wanted to try for a long time. Although the bottle is smaller than I expected, I don't think that's up to them.....The glasses and spoons are perfect. There are more than enough sugar cubes...I guess I'll have to order more from them
Bought this set for my husband for valentine's day and he has absolutely loved it!! We will be ordering more!
Above and beyond my expectations!
Admittedly, I was very nervous about ordering this set due to my last absinthe experience. My worries have been unwarented thankfully! I was amazed how fresh the absinthe smelled! I think I was able to pick out the ingredients through smell alone! The glasses and spoons are just lovely. I'm so satisfied with them I'm seriously considering buying a fountain! You have most definitely made me and absinthe enthsist out of me!

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