Absinthe Glass: Why you need to have one

Congratulations, you have found the best place to buy real Absinthe and original Absinthe accessories. Welcome to ALANDIA, the world of Absinthe! Our online store is specialized on selling original Absinthe accessories like Absinthe glasses, Absinthe spoons and Absinthe Fountains. An Absinthe glass is one of the essential accessories that you need to have to drink Absinthe the right way, which means according to the traditional Absinthe ritual. It has a special design, that helps you to prepare your drink. First of all original Absinthe glasses have a reservoir in the stem to measure the correct amount of Absinthe for one serving. The reservoir has also the functionality that it helps to create a nice and thick louche. The louche is the moment when Absinthe changes its color from green to milky white, as soon as the liquor blends with water. Absinthe glasses have as well a very decorative design and just the right dimensions to place a sugar cube on top. Therefore, an Absinthe spoon is the second essential accessory that you need to have for drinking Absinthe the classic way. If you directly want to buy an Absinthe glass, then click on the menu bar above or one of the photos below and you will enter our Absinthe glasses section of our store.

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Why do you need to buy an Absinthe glass?

Absinthe GlassLet us continue with the description of the Absinthe ritual: To drink Absinthe as it was done in the 19th century, you need three essential Absinthe accessories: An Absinthe glass, an Absinthe spoon, Absinthe sugar cubes and of course a bottle of the Green Fairy. An authentic Absinthe glass has a special design: It is larger than a normal water glass and has a reservoir integrated in the stem, to measure the correct amount of Absinthe. Once you pour the green spirit out of the bottle the reservoir gets filled. Then you place the spoon on the rim and place a sugar cube on the spoon. Now you need cold water to dissolve the sugar. You can do it with a water carafe or even better, with an Absinthe fountain. While dissolving the sugar, the glass gets filled with water and the holy green spirit blends to an opalescent white. The Green Fairy is prepared when the Absinthe is completely louched. You will have approx. a ratio of one part Absinthe to three parts water in your prepared glass of Absinthe.

Famous Absinthe glasses are the Pontarlier, Brouilles and the East glasses. East glasses don't have a reservoir but a dosing line engraved into the glass. Brouilles are more of a two pieces glass, as you have a regular glass plus a glass lid with a small hole in the middle that you place on top. This lid is filled with water and through the hole water flows in a thin beam into the glass. Brouille glasses create a very intense louche, as water and Absinthe blend slowly. Premium glasses are handmade and mouth-blown to avoid an ugly manufacturing seam at the side. We recommend to buy for example the handmade Pontarlier Absinthe glass from the ALANDIA Absinthe glassware section. Another nice glass is the Versailles Absinthe glass. It has a very decorative design and comes with a dosing line to measure the correct amount of Absinthe. This glass is made of pressed glass, therefore it has a manufacturing seam. As the Versailles glass is decorated by so many ornaments, this seam integrates quite well into the overall design. Overall, Absinthe glasses are like a personality symbol for a real Absintheur: Everyone has his prefered shape and combined with the perfect spoon it makes up your personal Absinthe accessory set, with which you can show off and travel back in time.

Absinthe Glasses, what other designs exist?

ALANDIA sells a wide selection of original Absinthe glasses, maning that they are authentic reproductions of antique originals. But we also offer some modern designs. If you like it special the Skull Absinthe glass could be the right one for you. It has the shape of a skull but is smaller than regular glasses. It is more in the direction of a shot glass, but large enough for one prepeared Absinthe with water and sugar. These skull glasses are the perfect addition to our strong black Absinthe Hamlet Hardcore, which is bottled into a fascinating skull bottle. Another modern interpretation is the Slipstream Absinthe glass. It is more of an Absinthe pipe, as you sip your drink through an attached straw. The ritual is one of a kind and the glass / pipe creates a very slow and swirly louche. It is hard to explain, you have to see it. Check out our Absinthe ritual videos for a video of the Slipstream ritual. 

Where can I buy my Absinthe glass and what is the price?

At our online store you can buy your prefered glass. The price for an Absinthe glass ranges from 6 - 16 Euro (USD 7 - 19), depending on the quality. We recommend to order as we all a nice bottle of Absinthe with your new glass. Because a beautiful glass deserves as well a good Absinthe. A premium Absinthe brand we can recommend is for example Heritage Verte. You see the bottle and the Absinthe on the photo here at the site. This Absinthe is made with premium wormwood, which is cultivated in France, and the final spirit is distilled with wine alcohol, which gives Heritage Verte a pleasant Cognac taste. It is 100% natural, meaning that it is distilled and colored with herbs. A special, but as well authentic Absinthe is Mansinthe. It is the official Absinthe of Marilyn Manson. If you want to know what inspires the artist, you should buy a bottle of Marilyn Manson Absinthe.

ALANDIA ships to the USA on daily basis, all orders include our 100% delivery guarantee, which means if anything breaks we will refund you or reship. Whatever is prefered. We founded our store in 2001. So we are already quite a long time on the market and very experienced when it comes to getting your products safe and sound to your door. You can learn more about our service at this site: Buy Absinthe online in the USA / and worldwide at ALANDIA.


Read what other Absintheurs say about our glasses:

„Perfect Absinthe glass for a perfect price. I love them, they have the perfect size and look somehow "antique".“

CJ from USA (Pontarlier Reservoir)

„I've purchased these glasses as a part of "Moulin Vert Set". Unfortunately, it won't let me write the review as the set. They are beautiful glasses. A bit thicker than most, which in my opinion, make them less elegant than others. Since they are a hand-blow, you can see some mold imperfections. But, I appriciate this as an art of craftsmanship. This is my first experience with Alandia's. I'm very happy with the service. Package arrived within the time frame they promise, and very well packed!!!“

Chanel from USA (Pontarlier II)

„The Pontarlier II is both thick and made to last. This glass is truly made for first time absintheurs, because it can take a beating, even a trip through the dishwasher won't kill it, as for most other glasses. I can only recomend this glass for everyday drinking.“

Andres from Sweden (Pontarlier II)