Absinthe Glass: Why you need to have one

Congratulations, you have found the best place to buy an Absinthe glass, you have found ALANDIA, the World of Absinthe. The online shop is specialized on selling original Absinthe and premium Absinthe accessories like Absinthe glassware and Absinthe spoons. An Absinthe glass is the essential accessory to perform the Absinthe Ritual. Maybe you don´t know what kind of spirit Absinthe is, so let us start with a brief product introduction: Absinthe is an historical liquor, which is also known under its nickname the "Green Fairy". It is an alcoholic beverage distilled out of several herbs like melissa, green anise, fennel and of course wormwood. Wormwood is the special botanical of Absinthe. It gives this drink of history its special and mystical appeareance and of course effect. It is said, that poets and writers of the 19th century loved to drink Absinthe, as it created a physical and mental activation which lead to enhanced creativity. Famous Absintheurs were van Gogh and Manet, more contemporary Absintheurs are Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp. If you directly want to buy an Absinthe glass, then click on the menu bar above and you will enter our Absinthe Shop.

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Why do you need to buy an Absinthe glass?

Absinthe GlassLet us continue with the description of the Absinthe ritual: To drink Absinthe as it was done in the 19th century, you need three essential Absinthe accessories: An Absinthe glass, an Absinthe spoon, Absinthe sugar and of course a bottle of the Green Fairy. An authentic Absinthe glass has a special design: It is larger than a normal water glass and often has a reservoir integrated in the stem, to measure the correct amount of Absinthe. Once you pour the green spirit out of the bottle the reservoir gets filled. Then you place the spoon on the rim and place a sugar cube on the spoon. Now you need cold water to dissolve the sugar. While dissolving the sugar, the glass gets filled with water and the holy green spirit blends to an opalescent white. The Green Fairy is prepared and ready to drink!

Famous Absinthe glasses are the Pontarlier, Brouilles and the East glasses. The East glasses don´t have a reservoir, but a very typical design. Brouilles have as well a lid, which is the perfect tool to create a perfect louche. All of them should be handblown, to avoid an ugly pressing scar at the side. We recommend to buy for example the handmade Pontarlier glass from the ALANDIA Absinthe glassware section. They are handmade and exclusive. One of our favorites is as well the ALANDIA Brouille Absinthe glass, as it has a very nice design and is very functional because of the brouille top/lid. Overall you will see, Absinthe glasses are like a personality symbol for a real Absintheur: Everyone has his prefered shape and combined with the perfect spoon it makes up your personal Absinthe accessory set, with which you can show off :-).

Original Absinthe Glasses, this is what you have to know:

ALANDIA sells a wide selection of original Absinthe Glasses. Here is a list of the available designs. These are all original designs from antique barware which are now reproduced.

> Pontarlier / the famous Absynthe glasses with the reservoir / bubble in the stem
> Cordon
> East
> Brouilles
> Versailles or Lyonnaise from La Rochere
> Skull glasses from Doomed (new design)
> Slipstream Absinthe Pipe (new design)

ALANDIA ships to the USA on daily basis and was founded in 2001. So we are already quite a long time on the market and very experienced when it comes to getting your products safe and sound to your door :-). We also sell more fancy absinthe accessories like Absinthe Pipes. Absinth Pipes are made out of glass and have to be filled with water and ice. Then you sip the Green Fairy through a straw. Check them out, it is fun to drink from a pipe! We also sell the Slipstream Absinthe pipe.


Read what other Absintheurs say about our glasses:

„Perfect Absinthe glass for a perfect price. I love them, they have the perfect size and look somehow "antique".“

CJ from USA (Pontarlier)

„I've purchased these glasses as a part of "Moulin Vert Set". Unfortunately, it won't let me write the review as the set. They are beautiful glasses. A bit thicker than most, which in my opinion, make them less elegant than others. Since they are a hand-blow, you can see some mold imperfections. But, I appriciate this as an art of craftsmanship. This is my first experience with Alandia's. I'm very happy with the service. Package arrived within the time frame they promise, and very well packed!!!“

Chanel from USA (Pontarlier II)

„The Pontarlier II is both thick and made to last. This glass is truly made for first time absintheurs, because it can take a beating, even a trip through the dishwasher won't kill it, as for most other glasses. I can only recomend this glass for everyday drinking.“

Andres from Sweden (Pontarlier II)