Burning Absinthe – Why people (still) do it…

Burning Absinthe

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Welcome back dear friend! Happy to see you in 2017, we do hope that you had a wonderful time. We do have a topic today that we have been burning (see what we did here?! 🙂 ) to tell you about: Burning Absinthe. We are sure you know some drinks that can burn (as in our title picture). But how about setting Absinthe on fire…?

Burning Absinthe: The fire ritual

Most of you probably already experienced burning Absinthe when taking part in the Absinthe fire ritual, which we have already discussed. However, this method is not recommended as it (1) destroys the complex flavor of a premium Absinthe (2) is not historically authentic (3) burns alcohol (4) is dangerous as the whole Absinthe glass (and the person wanting to drink it!) can catch fire. Nevertheless, the last point explains why people still burn their Absinthe, they want some excitement and the allure of drinking something dangerous!

Below you can see a video of some crazy people, setting their drink (Absinthe) on fire. It shows you, why you should not do it.

Setting Absinthe on fire is not a good idea…

Burning Absinthe: The authentic alternatives

As you know there are many more Absinthe rituals, which we also went into previously. If you are not aware of them you can read about the recommended classic French method, as well as others, right here: How to drink Absinthe.

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