Absinthe Sugar: Do you need it?

Today’s topic of Absinthe Sugar is a question that a good number of people are dealing with in regards to preparing and consuming Absinthe, especially Absintheurs that are new to the world of Absinthe. That is why we want to address it in order to make it easier for you to understand what this is all about. Continue reading “Absinthe Sugar: Do you need it?”

Absinthe Gommée: The forgotten Absinthe Ritual

We have talked about different ways how to prepare Absinthe already. However, there is one more ritual that we have not yet talked about, but it is a big part of history as well: An Absinthe Gommée. Maybe some of you, already know what it is, but it seems, that this way of drinking Absinthe has been forgotten over the years! Continue reading “Absinthe Gommée: The forgotten Absinthe Ritual”

Absinthe and Water: That’s what you need to know

Dear Absintheur! This week you are in for a special post, because we are talking about the maybe second biggest thing for Absintheurs: Water. Why is water so important? Well, because you use it every time that you prepare your Absinthe! We feel that this is not talked about enough, which is why we want to discuss Absinthe and Water in this weeks post. Continue reading “Absinthe and Water: That’s what you need to know”

Why does Absinthe loose its green color?

Welcome back dear Absintheur, as always we want to give you some interesting background information about our favorite drink, Absinthe. Therefore, we will find today an answer to the question why Absinthe can loose its green color over time? We have received some questions regarding this topic. Let’s get right into it! Continue reading “Why does Absinthe loose its green color?”

Absinthe Huffing Ritual: Why to avoid it

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Today, we want to give you some more insights into existing Absinthe rituals. The traditional and recommended way of drinking Absinthe is to prepare it with ice cold water and a sugar cube. This French way of drinking Absinthe is as well what we recommend. But other (modern) rituals exist as well. The most popular one is the Absinthe fire ritual also known as the Czech ritual (it is stupid, please don’t burn your Absinthe!). A similar stupid & misleading ritual is the Absinthe Huffing Ritual. To state it upfront, we do not support this way of preparing Absinthe. The sole intent of this post is an educational purpose. Continue reading “Absinthe Huffing Ritual: Why to avoid it”

Burning Absinthe – Why people (still) do it…

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Welcome back dear friend! We do have a topic today that we have been burning to tell you about: Burning Absinthe. We are sure you know some drinks that can burn (as in our title picture). But how about setting Absinthe on fire…? Continue reading “Burning Absinthe — Why people (still) do it…”