Absinthe Origin: The chronic of the Green Fairy

Absinthe Origin: Most important facts

    • The beginnings of Absinthe go back to the 18th century.
    • At the beginning of the 20th century the Green Fairy was banned in almost all countries of the world.
    • At the beginning of the 1990s Absinthe was legalized again. Since then the Green Fairy is experiencing a true revival!

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Pernod Absinthe: The painting of Charles Maire

Pernod Charles Maire: Most important facts

As you know we have brought up the terms Absinthe and art quite frequently, especially in the same sentence. That is due to the fact that it just works together. However, there is one very famous painting, which some of you may already know about. This painting was used by Pernod and has been painted by the artist Charles Maire. But do you know the story behind the painting? Continue reading “Pernod Absinthe: The painting of Charles Maire”

Did the RMS Titanic carry Absinthe?

Welcome back dear friend. This weeks topic is a very controversial and also interesting one. We are sure you will love it. We will discuss whether there was Absinthe on the Titanic or not. It also has been discussed recently within the Absinthe community, which is why we wanted to talk about it, in order to give some more information. Of course, if the Titanic actually carried Absinthe, it would be awesome to be able to get ones hand on some! Continue reading “Did the RMS Titanic carry Absinthe?”

Absinthe Banned: The story of Jean Lanfray

In September 2016, in our Absinthe Prohibition Post we told you about a farmer, who supposedly killed his family under the influence of Absinthe. Absinthe, however, was not the reason for his actions, since two ounces of Absinthe are not nearly as influential as excessive amounts of hard liquor and wine. However, Absinthe was banned shortly after this incident. Therefore we want to tell you more about the story of that farmer: Jean Lanfray. Continue reading “Absinthe Banned: The story of Jean Lanfray”

How to make Absinthe the right way

There are different methods of making an Absinthe, especially when it comes to quality and taste. That’s reason enough for us to give you a closer look at the different production methods. How to make Absinthe is this weeks topic! Continue reading “How to make Absinthe the right way”

Absinthe and its image in countries

Source: Nikolina Mrakovic/Shutterstock

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