Iconic & Original Absinthe Accessories

When it comes to Absinthe, there is one factor, which is, to many, more important than the Absinthe itself: The Absinthe Accessories. In our article about Absinthe Rituals you already found out, why they are pretty important. In the following article we want to provide you with an overview about the most iconic Absinthe Accessories. Continue reading “Iconic & Original Absinthe Accessories”

Absinthe Spoons and their usage

Welcome back, glad to have you here! Absinthe Spoons are an important accessory of the Absinthe culture. This week we will give you some more information about this iconic accessory and their use: The Absinthe Spoon. We will briefly explain how to use an Absinthe spoon, in case you are new to the world of Absinthe. Additionally, we present some historical facts about their usage. There are as well many different spoon designs available. Therefore we will give you as well an overview about the different styles. Continue reading “Absinthe Spoons and their usage”

The best Absinthe Fountain: AAA Classic

By mid November we will get the best Absinthe fountain: The Classic Absinthe Fountain AAA. It really is the highest quality Absinthe fountain on the market. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a metal fountain, we recommend to wait a bit. Don’t purchase inferior quality fountains (the ones we all dealt with the last couple of years…) somewhere else, you will definitely regret it.
Continue reading “The best Absinthe Fountain: AAA Classic”

Absinthe Terminus Brouilleur

“Bienfaisante”, this was the marketing claim for the famous French Absinthe Terminus. Bienfaisante means beneficial and was refering to the healthy qualities of this fine spirit. Indeed Absinthe helps against stomach problems, but of course such a glorification of the spirit is a typical example of how advertising was made during the 19th century. Our blog post is about the vintage Absinthe brand Terminus and their special Absinthe accessory, the Terminus Brouilleur. Continue reading “Absinthe Terminus Brouilleur”