Absinthe on YouTube: Educative or just stupid!

YouTube has emerged to one of the biggest Social Media platforms. Everyday thousands of hours of video are uploaded and of course videos related to Absinthe also take a tiny part in that. However, there are very different type of videos. Some videos are not really related to Absinthe too much and others are packed with information about your favorite alcoholic beverage. You will also find lots of Absinthe cocktail recipes, which we can only recommend you to check out. Continue reading “Absinthe on YouTube: Educative or just stupid!”

Absinthe in the Movies: Carnivale Absinthe Scene

Carnivale is an American TV series. It plays in the United States during the Great Depression and Dust Bowl. In tracing the lives of two disparate groups of people, its storyline is primarily about the battle between good and evil and the fight between free will and destiny. In some sequences Absinthe is consumed.

Absinthe Scene: Carnivale

Absintheurs: A new movie about Absinthe

There is a new documentary coming out soon which is about Absinthe. It is called “Les Absintheurs”. We already found the trailer for this Absinthe movie on the Vimeo video platform. Looks decent, but let’s see if it is a good movie. It seems as they will present the Green Fairy in its traditional way, that’s good! Continue reading “Absintheurs: A new movie about Absinthe”

Absinthe Scene in Total Eclipse

Total Eclipse, this film is about the love between the poets Verlaine and Rimbaud. Leonardo di Caprio plays in this movie. In the movie are some pretty detailed Absinthe scenes. They also use Absinthe accessories like Absinthe glasses, spoons, an Absinthe fountain and an Absinthe water carafe. Continue reading “Absinthe Scene in Total Eclipse”

Moulin Rouge Absinthe Scene

The all time favorite Absinthe scene – Absinthe in Moulin Rouge featuring Kylie Minogue as the Green Fairy! With this movie the hype around Absinthe began. The Moulin Rouge establishment as the epitome of Absinthe culture helped a lot to reanimate the cult around Absinthe. Thanks Hollywood! Continue reading “Moulin Rouge Absinthe Scene”