Best Bitters for Old Fashioned: Wormwood Bitters

Old Fashioned Bitters: Most important facts

  • Old Fashioned is a traditional whiskey cocktail from the 19th century
  • The drink is usually made with Angostura Bitters (or Peychaud’s Bitters)
  • We show you a delicious mixing alternative, Wormwood Bitters
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Absinthe Cocktails: The Green Beast

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We all know the movie The Beauty and the Beast. Today we have not two different persons, but rather one drink, which can be characterised with both words. The Green Beast is not only a yummy Absinthe cocktail, especially for rookies in the Absinthe community, but also a very beautiful one. The light green color can easily cheer you up on those rainy summer days that many of us hate. Continue reading “Absinthe Cocktails: The Green Beast”

Famous Absinthe Cocktail: Death in the Afternoon

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Just by the title most of you will already know what this blog post is about, but some of you probably won’t. Death in the Aftrnoon is a cocktail Hemingway invented and enjoyed, and yes, it is made with Absinthe – who would have thought that ;-)? Continue reading “Famous Absinthe Cocktail: Death in the Afternoon”

The first American (Absinthe) Cocktail: The Sazerac

Dear Absintheur! We like to drink our glass of Absinthe the traditional way with cold water. But sometimes we also enjoy Absinthe as a cocktail. Our favorite Absinthe cocktail is the Sazerac. Rumor has it that it is the oldest American cocktail… Continue reading “The first American (Absinthe) Cocktail: The Sazerac”

Special Absinthe Drink: New Years Edition

New Years Eve always requires a lot of drinking, especially being with all the friends and family. It can get boring, drinking the same drinks over and over again. We thought of something special that combines your love of Absinthe with the traditional way to introduce the New Year. Continue reading “Special Absinthe Drink: New Years Edition”

Halloween Absinthe Cocktail

Dear Absintheurs and Absintheuses, Halloween is already ahead of us and now is just the right time to order a bottle of Hamlet Hardcore Absinthe to receive it in time for the festivities (shipping to USA takes 2-3 days, EU 3-5 days). You can choose from black, green, and red color. Hamlet Hardcore  is the perfect spirit for our Halloween Absinthe Cocktail, the Brain Sherbet. Read on for the cocktail recipe. Continue reading “Halloween Absinthe Cocktail”