Absinthe Coasters Set

These Absinthe Coasters drive the Absinthe ritual to perfection. They are functionally designed and convince with premium quality. Overall, a beautiful accessory for friends of premium Heure Vertes.
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These Absinthe Coasters drive the Absinthe ritual to perfection: They are made of waterproof synthetic leather. This material guarantees long durability, as you can place wet Absinthe spoons or glasses on the material without harming the design. Of course the coasters are made in Absinthes' iconic color, green. On the front side the ALANDIA crest is precisely embossed into the leather. The reverse side of the coaster is cushioned with black velvet. This stabilizes the coaster on any table surface and feels good in your hands. Overall, this Absinthe coaster fascinates with premium craftsmanship and classy design. The coasters are packed in sets of two in an attractive brown paperbag. Therefore they are also perfect as a gift for any lover of premium Heure Vertes!


Did you know, bar coasters were invented in Germany!

The first bar coasters / beer mats were presented in 1880 by the German printing company "Friedrich Horn". Friedrich Horn invented cardboard coasters to protect fresh beer from insects and leaves falling into the mug while be consumed outside. Watney Brewery introduced these helpful gadgets to the United Kingdom in 1920 and imprinted them to advertise their pale ale. The success story of the coaster as a marketing and branding tool began! Today, coasters are an everyday piece in restaurants and bars. They are less used in their original function of covering a beer glass. Moreover, they are used to protect the surface of a bar, and, as they are usually made of soft materials like paper, cardboard, leather or cork, are appreciated for absorbing condensation water dripping along cold glasses. This makes them so popular amongst aficionados of cold drinks all around the world!


Mandatory Information

Country of Origin: Germany
Color: Green
Notes: Durchmesser 9,2 cm / Diameter 3.6 inches


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These coasters are a nice addition to the Absinthe ritual.
Great coasters
These are very cool, very well made coasters. They come 2 per set and I need to get more.

2 Item(s)

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