Original Absinthe Sugar Cubes

Our Absinthe sugar cubes have the best melting qualities, as the cubes are less pressed and lower in height than normal sugar ubes. Definitely an accessory you need to have.
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The ALANDIA Absinthe sugar cubes have the best melting qualities, as the cubes are less pressed and lower in height than normal sugar cubes. Their size fits perfectly on an Absinthe spoon and the individually wrapped packaging is a beautiful and traditional decoration for your Absinthe table. The whole bag contains 30 packs, 2 sugar cubes are in each individually wrapped pack. Therefore in total you will get 60 cubes (150 g). These sugar cubes are definitely an accessory you should buy, as it drives the Absinthe ritual to perfection! 

Nutritional Values Sugar (per 100 g):  
Energy: 1700 kJ (400 kcal)
Fat: <0,0 g
- of which saturated fatty: 0,0 g
Carbohydrates: 100 g
- of which sugar: 100 g
Protein: <0,0 g
Salt: 0,0 g
Ingredients: Sugar


The traditional Absinthe ritual with sugar:

In the following video you can see how you prepare Absinthe the traditional French way. You need an Absinthe glass, an Absinthe spoon, sugar cubes and ice cold water for this ritual. This is how it works: You place the Absinthe spoon on the rim of the glass, put a sugar cube on top and slowly add water. The Absinthe in the glass blends with water and magically louches from green to an opalescent white color. Santé, your sugared Absinthe is prepared!


Mandatory Information

Country of Origin: Germany
Color: White
Sales Denomination: Sugar
Food Business Operator: ALANDIA GmbH & Co. KG., Bismarckstr. 49, 50672 Köln


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Melts really good
Dissolves and suspends much better than regular sugar cubes.
Well balanced in taste and size. They serve their role: melting progressively during the louche. Specific sugar only for one purpose... [hard to guess =)]
Have to revalidate my initial rewiev a bit.

They seeem to be better than much of what you can find out there. They may dissolve a bit slower, but have a much "cleaner" taste than many other sugar cubes. The only thing thing I find works better is pure raw sugar.
is the best thing ever...it tops all the drinks i have ever tasted its a promise it's a whole different world wen im on absent is a whole different world....is a whole optical illusion nothing similar in da Us
Compared to many ordinary suger cubes I've tried, theese actually don't dissolve as good when adding water. The taste is virtually the same though, and the individual wrapping looks great. Don't know (or care) about burning qualities, but I'd stick to ordinary cubes.

5 Item(s)

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