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Absinthe Gothica

Absinthe Gothica

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This Absinthe is different. It doesn´t use a traditional recipe, it doesn´t claim to be made after grandfathers recipe and it doesn´t want to be a French styled Absinthe. Why? Because it is a dedication to darkness and inspiration! With a strong wormwood taste and merciless alcohol degree, Gothica opens the gates to a new dimension. The Absinthe recipe makes use of artemisia absinthium, as well as other ingredients that are known for their transcendental virtues. Drink with responsibility, the Essence-of-Darkness is nothing to play with.

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  • 80% alcohol
  • 0.5 liter / 16.89 fl.oz.
  • Color: Purple-Black (contains colorings)
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to shipping restrictions in the US states of FL, GA, AL, MS, TN, LA, SC we can not ship Absinthe with alcohol content over 70% by vol. to those areas. Please order accordingly.

Absinthe Review: Absinthe Gothica

Absintheur: Deb Northern 17.02.2015

My guy is a stickler for the traditional Absinthes, while I am more open to different interpretations- I lean towards the strong blends. We both agree that what is at the heart of any great Absinthe is the wormwood which this strong blend has in abundance. This is VERY strong yet smooth when louched in the traditional way. The violet louche is quite lovely! There are floral notes in this not found in traditional blends, but they enhance the experience nicely. My guy (an avid JADE fan), even enjoyed it, although he considers this not a \"true\" absinthe. The art of enjoying Absinthe should not be locked down into a narrow confine, it should be allowed to evolve. And Gothica is a firm \"Yes\" to the argument that you can deliver without sticking to a century\'s old expectation... perhaps one can exceed it.
Absintheur: John Morales 04.01.2015

This stuff was good. As others have said, it isnt a traditional absinthe. But I MUST say, the taste was FANTASTIC. it was very strong wormword taste, quite bitter (which I really like), and packed a nice kick. First drink I had my head was swimming. This stuff was so good I put in another order for 2 more bottles. If you like Absinthe with a strong kick, a full flavor of wormwood, this is your go to drink. 5 of 5 stars, worth a try for sure. I found the best mix was 4 parts water, 1 sugar cube personally.
Absintheur: sam humphrey 16.12.2014

This is one of my favorite Absinthes. True, it is not a \"classic absinthe\" but it has a great taste, nice louche and excellent effect. I drink it in the traditional French Belle Epoche style with a couple sugar cubes, but only a 1 to 1 ratio of water - until it just completes the louche. It is fantastic.
Absintheur: Cornel Leahu 26.07.2013

Ok, my first review was kinda mixed.. but I discovered that Gothica makes an excellent replacement (not substitute) for Vermouth in a Martini. 5 to 1 seems about right. I use perfumy rose petals instead of olives as a garnish. If you have a bottle of this, give\'er a shot and it\'ll last a lot longer :)
Absintheur: Oscar Brathen 27.03.2013

Dont aproach this as you whould with any other absinthe, this is the most wicked evil stuff ever put in a bottle, its going to grab you and shake you, you might like it or you might not. Personally, i find it a mystery....do i like it? Maybe!
Absintheur: William Foley 04.01.2013

This stuff will kick your butt! I had a glass with my father, and had to go pick up my daughter a couple miles from the house.....I didn\'t get a few hundred yards before I felt like I was in a small boat floating on some very high waves and I had major tunnel vision. It was my first time drinking the Gothica, and I haven\'t driven after having a drink, so it may have just been a one time deal, but I seriously had to pull over for a few before thinking about moving again
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