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Absinthe Gothica

Absinthe Gothica

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This Absinthe is different. It doesn´t use a traditional recipe, it doesn´t claim to be made after grandfathers recipe and it doesn´t want to be a French styled Absinthe. Why? Because it is a dedication to darkness and inspiration! With a strong wormwood taste and merciless alcohol degree, Gothica opens the gates to a new dimension. The Absinthe recipe makes use of artemisia absinthium, as well as other ingredients that are known for their transcendental virtues. Drink with responsibility, the Essence-of-Darkness is nothing to play with.

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  • 80% alcohol
  • 0.5 liter / 16.89 fl.oz.
  • Color: Purple-Black (contains colorings)
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to shipping restrictions in the US states of FL, GA, AL, MS, TN, LA, SC we can not ship Absinthe with alcohol content over 70% by vol. to those areas. Please order accordingly.

Absinthe Review: Absinthe Gothica

Absintheur: Cornel Leahu 26.07.2013

Ok, my first review was kinda mixed.. but I discovered that Gothica makes an excellent replacement (not substitute) for Vermouth in a Martini. 5 to 1 seems about right. I use perfumy rose petals instead of olives as a garnish. If you have a bottle of this, give\'er a shot and it\'ll last a lot longer :)
Absintheur: Oscar Brathen 27.03.2013

Dont aproach this as you whould with any other absinthe, this is the most wicked evil stuff ever put in a bottle, its going to grab you and shake you, you might like it or you might not. Personally, i find it a mystery....do i like it? Maybe!
Absintheur: William Foley 04.01.2013

This stuff will kick your butt! I had a glass with my father, and had to go pick up my daughter a couple miles from the house.....I didn\'t get a few hundred yards before I felt like I was in a small boat floating on some very high waves and I had major tunnel vision. It was my first time drinking the Gothica, and I haven\'t driven after having a drink, so it may have just been a one time deal, but I seriously had to pull over for a few before thinking about moving again
Absintheur: Cornel Leahu 06.12.2012

Delicious. But the only thing \"dark\" about this \"absinthe\" is the hype. Totally not tradional, but a beautiful and inspired absinthe cordial. Violets fill your palette, especially when sipped next to traditional recipies. I would lose the dark gothic (goths are not flower children) hype and market the Violette aspect instead. Yes, I will reorder.
Absintheur: Edward Clay 10.09.2011

Now I know it sounds strange, but I expected Gothica to taste blacker. It feels like it's lacking some vital element, like a flavour is missing, there's a void within it. This isn't too say it's unpleasant, nor that it has no effectiveness. I'd possibly try decreasing the water ratio as this may up the flavour, however I'm a little scared of the consequences.
Absintheur: Sean Orcutt 22.01.2011

"The Truth" Great bottle. Its not really absinthe. Its more of a Hybrid. The Huge amount of alcohol and the massive amount Anise shoved into the bottle makes for a very powerful Drink. You aren't going to be able to overpower the flavor of this Absinthe, so I hope you enjoy Anise. Try mixing it with Cranberry juice or Midori. It turns a cloudy Purple that looks like a cloud floating in the middle of the glass. All methods work but there isnt any Louche because ( as previously stated ) this is not really Absinthe and it's black. EFFECT: Nice effect. Relaxing and calm. But a lot of that can be attributed to the high level of alcohol involved. END GAME: Very Cool Bottle. Overpowering flavor, lots of alcohol and anise but not as bad as you might think. There is definitely an Effect, but I wouldn't call it impressive or traditional or euphoric. Mostly I would call it drunk with a hint of worm wood. And That's The Truth
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