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Absinthe Fountains

Absinthe fountains were part of the French bistro culture of the 19th century. Enjoy the Green Fairy in the most traditional way! Here you will find Absinthe fountains of different shapes.

Absinthe Fountain Classic AAA
Experience the mystique of the Green Fairy like in the 19th century. The high-quality Classic AAA Absinthe Fountain is a must have for every real Absintheur.
249.00 EUR
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Absinthe Fountain Boule
This Absinthe fountain is made out of glass, has four silver colored taps, a removable glass lid and an outstanding design.  
69.00 EUR
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Absinthe Fountain Boule Green Line
This glass Absinthe fountain is pretty special because of its decorated Fairy lid and its greenish coloring.
79.00 EUR
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Absinthe Fountain Chat IV
This is a nice glass Absinthe fountain. It is easily cleanable due to the removable glass lid.
55.00 EUR
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