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Absinthe Mata Hari Old Recipe

Absinthe Mata Hari Old Recipe

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This Austrian Absinthe has a unique taste because of its anise free recipe. Its taste reminds of the scent of viola. Mata Hari louches despite being anise free. It has a strong Absinthe effect, and mixes well with Coke or Red Bull. Overall a special Absinthe for people who are looking for a non licorice Absinthe experience.

  • 60% alcohol
  • 0.5 liter / 16.89 fl.oz
  • Anise free
  • Contains colorings

Absinthe Review: Absinthe Mata Hari Old Recipe

Absintheur: kjell åge natland 29.07.2011

this is an very god stuff,can be drunk neat! k.å.n from norway..
Absintheur: Arman Jefremov 06.04.2010

I realy don`t understand why it stand in the range of the strong absinthe?! I was little disappointed. It was very smooth and light . The taste was good and interesting realy recomended for ladys who dont like anise taste. This absinthe is quite artificial this you could see when you`ll mix with water no milky at all.Very light and smooth buzz don`t expect any strong kick this absinthe is breeze who play with lady on the beach.
Absintheur: Paul Hogge 26.03.2010

Picture on web site doesn't do the neon green color justice. Looks artificially colored. Flavors don't blend well and the artificial aspect of the taste made it undrinkable. Tasted overpoweringly of alcohol even when oversweetened and diluted. Effect was good but morning after even with 3 drinks in 4 hours was bad. Will not be restocking.
Absintheur: JON BRADLEY 22.08.2009

WoW.. the old one is so different. The new one has a much more natural look and salvia Nice! so the old one i give a 4
Absintheur: JON BRADLEY 21.08.2009

Truly one of my favorites, best with czech method.
Absintheur: Lynne Spado 05.06.2009

I bought Mata Hari as my 1st bottle of Absinthe because I dont care for Anise. I was greatly surprised that I loved it, because I really dont drink much alcohol anymore. This bottle was fantastic. I love doing the czech fire ritual almost as much as drinking it. Several of my friends tried it with reviews varying from ok to great. I am hooked. It has a unique flavor that is unlike anything I have ever tasted before. The 1st time I drank it, it felt like my ears were getting hot. I started out w/ a 4:1(h20:absinthe) and am now down to 2:1 ratio because I really love the taste that is so smooth it rolls gently in your mouth before swallowing. I hope the new formula wont deviate too much from the old because I really love it just as is. For people that dont like anise and dont have much money to spend this is the best deal, in my opinion. Thank you Green Fairy for showing me excellence!
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