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Absinthe ALANDIA Strong68

Absinthe ALANDIA Strong68

Product Nr.: A1353

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29.90 EUR
59.80 EUR per 1 Liter
4 star rating
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Our bestseller: Absinthe Strong68 uses maximum wormwood for the strongest thujon concentration. This makes it bitter to the taste, but also effective for a real experience. If you are looking for the perfect Absinthe effect, this is your choice. This strong Green Fairy louches to an opalescent white when water is added. No artificial additives are used and the alcohol level is set at a classic 68%. Therefore, Strong68 is suitable for the Czech and the French Absinthe ritual. Enjoy with at least two sugar cubes and three parts ice cold water.

Absinthe Strong68, almost like in the old days...

Info for new customers: The Absinthe Shop ALANDIA was founded in 2001. From this date on ALANDIA proudly serves the Absinthe community around the world (EU, UK, USA, CA, JP etc.). Shipping to the USA is made via Airmail or Courier Express and the delivery is guaranteed. This means if the box shouldn´t reach you - whatever the reason might be - we will reship or refund you your money. It takes approx. 10 (Airmail) or 3 (Courier Express) business days until your Absinthe arrives at your door. A tracking number is emailed to you as soon as your order is shipped. Therefore you always know when the Green Fairy will knock at your door. If you have any questions or comments, just email us. Please check out as well our Facebook Fanpage with over 10.000 satisfied ALANDIA Absintheurs. We would be happy to welcome as well you in the community!

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  • 68% alcohol
  • 0.5 liter / 16.89 fl.oz
  • Naturally green and "Strong"

Absinthe Review: Absinthe ALANDIA Strong68

Absintheur: John Morales 02.12.2014

This is my first Absinthe I ever tried. No, I wasnt trying to \"hallucinate\", as thats just ridiculous, but I was looking for that \"Absinthe effect\" people speak about. I admit I was a little nervous about trying Absinthe as others who have spoken to me about it have told me that its strong and to \"tread lightly\". I was very meticulous with preparing it, exactly 1 part Absinthe, 3 parts water (lol) and some sugar cubes (I used 3). I was pleased by the louche, and even more, the taste was just great. A lot of people say that this is a bitter drink, but to me it was just fantastic. I felt the effects after just half of my first glass. VERY potent stuff. I think its great for beginners like myself personally. I have ordered several other bottles of different Absinthe this morning so I can try new ones, but as far as THIS one? I loved it. I do say, if you are new like I am, to drink this nice and slow, and let it settle before grabbing another serving of it. It will knock you flat on your face real quick if you aren\'t careful. And im no \"lightweight\" drinker either. This stuff tastes fantastic, and is definitely a unique experience. I will for sure order more of THIS Absinthe in the future, but for now, im going to expand and try many other ones. Thanks Alandia, im proud to call myself an \"absintheur\" now...or at least on my way to becoming one!
Absintheur: Valerie Goldsworthy 17.04.2014

This by far is my favorite absinthe! I have not been disappointed buying this one. I like the \"bite\" and especially the price. Alandia is always very prompt with delivery and I will remain a loyal customer.
Absintheur:  Visitor 04.01.2014

I\'m an absinthe novice. My first absinthe was Lucid and then Mansinthe so I wanted to find something that was close to the real deal. In my anticipation after purchasing a bottle of Strong68 I went to go look for some reviews. I came across a specific absinthe forum. It seemed that everyone was panning it saying it was fake, tasted terrible, and was a waste of money. I was not happy. Did I waste my money? Well after my first glass I was delighted that it is really good. I could actually feel the difference and it didn\'t taste bad at all. 1 glass lasted around 2 hours. Even though shipping was expensive I got my bottle from Germany to Atlanta, Ga in 3 days. I would love to comment on that absinthe forum my thoughts but I\'m afraid I might get pummeled by it\'s members who ride the Strong68 haters bandwagon. I will definitely be buying more bottles in the future.
Absintheur: Petteri Rinne 05.12.2013

My first absinthe ever and i loved it. With 3 parts of water and 2 cubes of sugar the flavor was very good. I don\'t like the taste of alcohol which vodka etc. has no matter how you blend them, but this product didn\'t have it. Only a bit of warmth in your throat and the taste of anise which i really liked. Will definitely order more as soon as possible!
Absintheur: Robert Enger 10.08.2013

I\'ve read the interesting negative comments about this product but found, based on my tastes, that they must have been parroting other negative reviews with trying it. Based on my own tasting, I found Strong 68 to be incredible. It was the mouth-feel and finish that I found exhilerating. Yes, I have enjoyed other more expensive and more highly reviewed absinthe--so far, this really has been my favorite... and I don\'t use any sugar. Where this idea of bitterness comes from is beyond me...
Absintheur: Nathan Buckley 28.07.2013

This is a waste of time & money.Has a thick unpleasent oily taste.Believe me I tried to like it,but it just didn\'t happen.Got a way better buzz off of Lucid!
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