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In 2001 ALANDIA went online. Supported by Absintheurs around the world ALANDIA quickly developed into one of the leading Absinthe shops on the market. Therefore, since 2001 we are proudly serving the Absinthe Community! In our online store you can buy real Absinthe. Our mission statement is to bring you back the intriguing world of Absinthe. That is why we are focusing on a premium assortment of original Absinthe with wormwood and authentic accessories like Absinthe spoons, Absinthe glasses and Absinthe fountains. We ship to all European countries, the USA, Japan and many other countries. The delivery is guaranteed, meaning that you will get your order safe and sound, or we will refund you your money. There is nothing you have to worry about if you buy your original Absinthe at ALANDIA. Welcome to the World of Absinthe, welcome to ALANDIA.