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In 2001 ALANDIA went online. Supported by Absintheurs around the world ALANDIA quickly developed into one of the leading absinthe minded shops on the market. Therefore, since 2001 we are proudly serving the Absinthe Community! Our mission statement is to bring you back the intriguing World of Absinthe and that is why we are focusing on a broad assortment of absinthe with wormwood made after authentic recipes. Absinthe is now legal in the US. You can buy for example Jade Absinthe "Nouvelle Orleans" or "Verte Suisse" from Ted Breaux in our shop. The chemist is as well the creator of the US Lucid Absinthe. Absinthe Lucid is just one brand we offer for sale, overall we sell more than 200 absinthe brands from different countries, including Kuebler and the exclusive ALANDIA selection existing of Strong Absinthe like Strong68, Gold68, Gothica, Hamlet Hardcore, La Bleue Artisanale or Suisse Verte Artisanale or premium brands like Heritage Verte, Epoque, Republique Vintage and Maison ALANDIA. You can also buy traditional accessories like an absinthe spoon, glass, fountain, pipe, sugar, poster and absinthe antiques online in our shop. And besides that you will also find other alcohol liquor like gin or mandrake liquor. Therefore the answer to the question where can I buy original Absinthe, also known as the Green Fairy is quite easy: At ALANDIA! Recently we were also recommended in the Forbes Absinthe article by Barnaby Conrad as one of the leading online shops. In our store you can also buy a wide range of books online. And no matter what you order, here is what you can rely on when you buy Absinthe online at ALANDIA:


Banned in 1912 in the USA and the early 1920s in Europe and after more than 80 years of silence the Green Fairy is back! She is legal once again! You can find Absinthe with and without Anise (Pastis). Aside from alcohol, Absinthe Alcohol recipes contain a number of different psychoactive substances in the Absinthe recipe. Among these thujon/thujone, a substance released by the wormwood plant and also known under the name artemisia absinthium is of major importance. The Absynth effects can be mood brightening, stimulating, even euphorizing. Today in Germany and other European Countries, the maximum thujon content permitted by law is 10mg thujone per kilogram in alcohol and 35mg thujone in the so called "Bitter Spirits", which are only available in Europe, not in the US. However, Absinthe is not a drug and stands for more than the stimulating effects which once made Van Gogh cut off his ear. Absinthe is culture, Absinthe is history and Absinthe is a lifestyle.

Therefore we offer a wide range of Accessories to complete your bar! And for the collectors within our Absintheurs we have the Section Antiques with antique Glasses, Topettes, antique Spoons, antique Bottles and Decanters.

We have a big selection of Glasses and Spoons, Absinthe Fountains, Absinthe Pipes, Decanter and the original Brouilleurs! To give your collection the last refinement we have Posters - Absinthe Literature - Accessory Sets - other Goodies

We always are asked how to drink Absinthe? In the former times of the Belle Epoque many intellectuals and artists confessed their love for the Green Fairy and met for the "Heure Verte", the green hour, in the bistros of Paris. They used a special Absinthe Spoon, Absynthe Glass and Fountain to perform the ritual. Toulouse Lautrec, Baudelaire, Manet, Rimbaud, Verlaine and Gauguin were famous Absintheurs, just to name a few. And Marilyn Manson is a modern day Absinthe drinker, and even offers his own brand, Marilyn Manson Absinthe Mansinthe.Thanks to the European Community, the production of Absinthe is legalized once again allowing the Green Fairy to experience a true revival. The large assortment of replica accessories and the growing number of brands for sale from all around the world give you the opportunity to plunge back into the fascinating times of the 19th century. Some of you might now the Kubler Absinthe USA, this is a modified version of the original Swiss Kubler, we sell the original version!

Are you looking for the perfect Absinthe Spoon or Absinthe Glass for your Absinthe Alcohol? Or maybe Absinthe Fountains or Absinthe Posters? ALANDIA is the source to buy Absinthe online. Absinthe Liquor, which means the Green Fairy in a bottle, can be bought at ALANDIA.

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