Absinthe Strong68 Review: Is it any good?

Dear Absintheurs, Strong68 is an all time favorite. It is the bestselling Absinthe of ALANDIA from the day it was launched (2002) until today (2015). People love this Absinthe for its strong Absinthe effect. Nevertheless you can find some harsh reviews in the net about Strong68. You can read that the Absinthe is “very bitter” and the Absinthe forum Wormwoodsociety even calls it “Another ‘Czechsinthe’ product with macerated Wormwood”. Why is this the case? How can a besteller have such a bad reputation…?

The answer is easy: Most of the reviews you find in the net are old reviews, meaning that they were published before 2012.  They refer to the very first Strong68 which was a macerated Absinthe (indeed very bitter). In 2012 the recipe of Strong68 was totally revised. ALANDIA changed the recipe from a macerate to a distillate. Also the production moved from a German distillery to a traditional distillery in France. Overall the “new” Strong68 which is sold since 2012 is a totally different Absinthe in comparison to the former version. Nevertheless its strong character remains. It is still a very strong Absinthe with a perfect Absinthe effect, as its recipe is based on a high amount of wormwood. You can say the recipe is straight forward. Besides its strength, the “new” Strong68 is a 100% natural Absinthe, meaning that it is naturally colored by herbs. It contains no additional sugar, therefore it is as pure as it can be. The taste is fresh and herbal, with only a slight bitterness. If you buy a bottle we can almost guarantee you, that you will like it!

You can also check the positive feedback for the “new” Strong68 by looking at the customer reviews for Strong68. Starting from 2012 “bitterness” or “harshness” is not mentioned by any Absintheur. Instead people appreciate its smooth taste and strong effect. Cheers!

The new Slipstream Absinthe Pipe Ritual

Dear Absintheur, this is our latest arrival, the Slipstream Absinthe Pipe!

This unique pipe was invented to bring together a convenient modern day Absinthe experience that embraces the traditional roots of the Absinthe louche ritual. Sipping Absinthe with this pipe is a real experience! It creates the best louche ever! We especially like this absinthe accessory as it was inventend by a friend of us, Dimitri. 6 years ago we met at the “Fete de l´Absinthe” Absinthe festival in Boveresse (Switzerland). At this time Dimitri already had some ideas how one can optimize the louche experience. Nevertheless it took some years till the first prototype was available. Now, 6 years later fortunately the vague idea became a real product, the Slipstream Absinthe Pipe is now available for sale!

Interested? Watch a video of how the Absinthe Pipe Ritual works in our store!

Absinthe du Centenaire the Prohibition Absinthe

A new Absinthe was recently launched. Its name is Absinthe du Centenaire. What is the story behing this new Absinthe..? Well, it is like the name says a “Century Absinthe” connected to Absinthe prohibition. January 7th, 1915 is the date when Absinthe got banned in France. Fortunately 100 years later Absinthe production and consumption is once again legal. Especially French distilleries that already produced Absinthe during the thimes of the Belle Epoque offer premium, authentic Absinthe. In reminiscence of this historical event the French Absinthe distillery Devoille has launched Absinthe du Centenaire. It is a limited edition, as its production and recipe focuses on authenticity and quality.

Absinthe du Centenaire: The recipe and taste

The herbal focus of the Absinthe recipe is set on artemisia species. To be precise three different wormwood species are used for the distillation: Artemisia absinthium, artemisia pontica and artemisia africaine. All plants grow in the herbal garden of the distillery. This guarantees premium and fresh quality. Like in the old days the plants are dried in a traditional wooden hut, the so called “Séchoir”. Below you can see a photo of the inside of the hut. The light green color of Absinthe du Centenaire derives from the coloring herbs melissa and artemisia pontica. Not too much coloration was intended, the crisp and fresh taste should remain. With too much coloration the coloring herbs would have dominated the taste. To preserve its natural green color you should store the bottle in a dark place. Sunlight is a threat to every naturally green Absinthe. The smell and taste of Absinthe du Centenaire is fresh and crisp. It has to be enjoyed with ice cold water and one sugar cube. The louche is medium intense with greenish-white swirls. Overall you can say Absinthe du Centenaire is a perfect “Summer Absinthe” fitting to a broad group of Absintheurs!

You can buy a bottle of Absinthe du Centenaire in our online Absinthe shop: Absinthe du Centenaire

Absinthe du Centenaire

Gin & Tonic Stirrer what a good invention!

Good inventions are often the ones, that solve a daily life problem. The producers of Six Ravens London Dry Gin have detected one annoying situation and have created a classy solution:

The Problem:

Your Gin & Tonic is mixed but you still have to stir it. Many times you do not have the right tool to solve this problem and might use in these times of need a knife or a fork. What a loss of style! In the worst case you have no tool at all and drink your Gin & Tonic unblended, argh..!

The Solution:

Six Ravens has solved this problem by developing classy Gin & Tonic Stirrers. They are made out of stainless steel to guarantee a long life and have a solide weight of 59 grams each. At the end of each stirrer you can find a small metal ball. It can be used to muddle for example a slice of lemon or any other garnish that you typically add to your G&T. Just below the decorative shield the stick has a flattened shape which guarantees a proper position in your glass. And last but not least the stainless steel finish creates a very exclusive atmosphere.

  • Length: 19.5 cm
  • Weight: 59 gr
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Packaging: Brown Paperbag

Here are some pictures of the stirrer. We can highly recommend them, you can buy the Gin stirrers in the ALANDIA Gin section!


Absinthe Jade Terminus Oxygénée is released

After some years of silence, Ted Breaux, the man behind the Jade Absinthe portfolio, has developed a new Absinthe:

Absinthe Terminus Oxygénée is the final release in the Jade Absinthe portfolio of historically accurate Absinthes. It is a very special Absinthe, as it plays homage to one of the most interesting Absinthes of the Belle Époque era: Absinthe Oxygénée. This brand separated itself from its peers by a specialized hot oxygenation production process. This treatment was advertised as being “Hygiénique”, because drinking a glass of this Absinthe would not extract oxygen from the blood but rather add oxygen to it, which would have a healing effect on the nerve system, circulation and lungs… In a way, this new prodution method was a reaction to several scientists and scholars proclaiming that alcohol, and absinthe above all – the scapegoat of the French wine industry –  was very dangerous to consumers’ health. Besides being good for your health, this claim was actually also used for advertisement “C´est ma santé” (see picture below) the oxygenation process also lets the Absinthe age very quickly. You can compare it with decanting a wine, allowing oxygen to mix with the molecules of the spirit changing its taste and aroma. The result is a very smooth Absinthe without any alcoholic sharpness. The original brand was the subject of widespread publicity, sold at a premium, and was exported to various ports around the globe. Nevertheless, Cusenier was not the only producer of an oxygenated Absinthe. Premier Fils, another French Absinthe manufacturer also offered an Absinthe Oxygéneé (check our photo album).

Jade Terminus Oxygénée Absinthe Supérieure is artisanally distilled from the same botanicals as the original. The taste is herbal, slightly reminding of medicine due to a healthy dose of a particularly interesting species of wormwood harvested from the foothills of the Alps. True to the original, the final product is also subjected to a hot oxygenation process that closely mirrors the original technique. On the tongue, the Absinthe is creamy, features potent aromatics and a lengthy, stimulating herbal aftertaste. Like all the Jade Absinthes, Terminus Oxygénée is carefully distilled by T. A. Breaux, using the original 19th century Absinthe alembics in the historical Combier distillery. Terminus Oxygénée Absinthe represents the most powerful expression of the spirits in the Jade portfolio.

Jade Absinthe Terminus Oxygénée is available for sale at the ALANDIA Absinthe store!

Absinthe Pernod Recette Traditionelle in stock!

Dear Absintheurs and Absintheuses,

The new Pernod Absinthe Recette Traditionelle is the closest possible recreation of the famous Pernod Absinthe from 1805. New, because Pernod sold for some years a mediocre Absinthe. The new version is much closer to the historical original and way better in quality. A must have Absinthe for every Absintheur! We have it now in stock!


Absinthe Un Peureux is back!

Dear Absintheurs and Absintheuses,

Exigez un Peureux! That was the claim the Peureux Absinthe Distillery used to promote its Absinthe back in the 19th century. Now, almost 100 years later this French Distillery, decided to reproduce its former Absinthe, to celebrate its 150 anniversary. They use the original recipe from 1864: Different plants plants and seeds are macerated and distilled in small quantities with the greatest care to bring out their distinctive flavours. The recipe includes of course wormwood (artemisia absinthium), anise, fennel, angelica, lemon balm, hyssop and veronica. These ingredients create a unique and deliciously fresh taste. The coloration of this green Absinthe is 100% natural. The design of the bottle and label is inspired by the vintage original. Furthermore, every bottle is packaged in a very decorative box. Check it out, this Absinthe is really something for nostalgists like us!

The history of the Peureux Absinthe Distillery

In 1864 Auguste Peureux founded his distillery in Fougerolles, France. In its early years, the distillery specialised in the production of fruit brandies (eau-de-vie), including the famous Fougerolles Kirsch (cherry brandy). These products acquired a widespread reputation and their distillation skills were among others awarded at the 1900 World Fair in Paris. In 1948, after the troubles of the second world war, Claude Peureux took up the leadership of the company and focused on preserving and perpetuating the great traditions and know-how of his grandfather. In 1955 he launched a Morello cherry line for chocolate makers, followed by Griottines in the 1980s. Griottines are wild cherries, which grow in the area of Fougerolles, macerated in a light Kirsch syrup, and now a world-famous speciality.


Halloween 2014 – Absinthe Party

Dear Absintheurs and Absintheuses,

Halloween is already ahead of us and now is just the right time to order a bottle of Hamlet Hardcore to receive it in time for the festivities (shipping to USA takes 8-10 days, EU 3-5 days). You can choose from black, green, blue and red color. And in case you want to have orange, just mix a red and a blue one!

The perfect glass for any Hamlet Hardcore Absinthe is the Skull glass. It is perfect for our Halloween special, the Brain Sherbet”. Here is the recipe:









  • 30ml Hamlet Hardcore Absinthe
  • 12 large ice cubes
  • 6 sugar cubes

Blend all ingredients in a mixer and serve the sherbet with a teaspoon (you don´t drink it, you spoon it out of the skull). Watch out, this stuff is strong.

This newsletter includes a Coupon Code, which you can use for your Halloween purchases worth 6.66 Euro. Simply enter






into the coupon field which you can find in your shopping cart. The code is valid only the next 6 days till 10/24/2014. Minimum order is 30 Euro.

Spooky Greetings, your


News from the World of Absinthe

Dear Absintheurs and Absintheuses!

We hope you have had a good summer with some relaxing chill-out times! We spent some days in Middle America and found this straight-forward advertisement for a local green spirit. We immediately had to think of the Green Fairy :-)!

Green is as well our Absinthe of the Month: Strong68 is strong, meaning that it is distilled with an extra portion of wormwood. That´s why many of our customers love it. It is actually our bestselling Absinthe. Strong68 is distilled in France, 100% naturally colored and its taste traditionally herbal with a slightly bitter note. That´s why we recommend to drink Strong68 with one sugar cube. If you are looking for a powerful Absinthe full of inspiration, then Strong68 should be your pick!

Interested in more news…? You can read the complete newsletter here: ALANDIA Absinthe Newsletter

The days of old: ALANDIA Photo Contest 2004

It is already a while ago, but never forgetting the good old days is sort of a lifestyle. In the following you can see some Absinthe photos from a contest we organized in 2004. People could sent in their selfmade Absinthe picture and the winner was elected by the Absinthe Community. The first picture is the winner!