Thujone: Why did it give Absinthe such a bad reputation?

We are pleased to welcome you back to our Absinthe blog. We have often talked about it, and we still get many inquiries from customers about this topic. But we never went into too much detail. Today´s topic is therefore a very basic part of Absinthe. It is apparently also one of the reasons for the Absinthe Prohibition. By now you will probably already know. It is about Thujone and Absinthe.

(PLEASE NOTE BEFORE READING: This post, just as all other ones on this blog, are for information purposes. That means we like to provide you with some information that are hopefully, at least partially, new to you.)    …Continue reading “Thujone: Why did it give Absinthe such a bad reputation?”

Why does Absinthe loose its green color?

Welcome back dear Absintheur,

as always we want to give you some interesting background information about our favorite drink, Absinthe. Therefore, we will find today an answer to the question why Absinthe can loose its green color over time? We have received some questions regarding this topic. Let’s get right into it!    …Continue reading “Why does Absinthe loose its green color?”

Absinthe on YouTube: Educative or just stupid!

YouTube has emerged to one of the biggest Social Media platforms. Everyday thousands of hours of video are uploaded and of course videos related to Absinthe also take a tiny part in that. However, there are very different type of videos. Some videos are not really related to Absinthe too much and others are packed with information about your favorite alcoholic beverage. You will also find lots of cocktail recipes, which we can only recommend you to check out.

However, we picked out two Absinthe Videos on YouTube that we found especially well done. They also represent the two types of videos of Absinthe on YouTube that you will typically find.    …Continue reading “Absinthe on YouTube: Educative or just stupid!”

Absinthe Banned: The story of Jean Lanfray

In September 2016, in our Absinthe Prohibition Post we told you about a farmer, who supposedly killed his family under the influence of Absinthe. Absinthe, however, was not the reason for his actions, since two ounces of Absinthe are not nearly as influential as excessive amounts of hard liquor and wine. However, Absinthe was banned shortly after this incident. Therefore we want to tell you more about the story of that farmer: Jean Lanfray.    …Continue reading “Absinthe Banned: The story of Jean Lanfray”

Famous Absinthe Cocktail: Death in the Afternoon

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Just by the title most of you will already know what this blog post is about, but some of you probably won’t. It’s a cocktail Hemingway invented and enjoyed, and yes, it is made with Absinthe – who would have thought that ;-)?

Absinthe Cocktail “Death in the Afternoon”: The Context

Death in the Afternoon, which is sometimes also called the Hemingway or Hemingway Champagne, is a classy drink. As one can imagine by its name, it has been invented by Ernest Hemingway, whom the majority of you should already be familiar with as a famous Absintheur.    …Continue reading “Famous Absinthe Cocktail: Death in the Afternoon”

The first American (Absinthe) Cocktail: The Sazerac

Dear Absintheur! We like to drink our glass of Absinthe the traditional way with cold water. But sometimes we also enjoy Absinthe as a cocktail. Our favorite Absinthe cocktail is the Sazerac. Rumor has it that it is the oldest American cocktail…

Absinthe Cocktail “Sazerac”: The History

To find out more about the meaning of the name “Sazerac” we have to go back all the way to the year 1850, where Sewell Taylor sold his bar The Merchants Exchange Coffee House, which was located in the New Orleans area.    …Continue reading “The first American (Absinthe) Cocktail: The Sazerac”

Burning Absinthe – Why people (still) do it…

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Welcome back dear friend! Happy to see you in 2017, we do hope that you had a wonderful time. We do have a topic today that we have been burning (see what we did here?! 🙂 ) to tell you about: Burning Absinthe. We’re sure you know some drinks that can burn (as in our title picture). But how about setting Absinthe on fire…?    …Continue reading “Burning Absinthe — Why people (still) do it…”

Special Absinthe Drink: New Years Edition

New Years Eve always requires a lot of drinking, especially being with all the friends and family. It can get boring, drinking the same drinks over and over again. We thought of something special that combines your love of Absinthe with the traditional way to introduce the New Year.

Special Absinthe Drink: That’s why we came up with it

Unfortunately Absinthe is not a beverage that everybody likes. The liquorice taste is for newbies sometimes simply too strong. However, we wanted you to be able to enjoy Absinthe, at least somehow, when introducing the year 2017. Most people start the new year by clinking glasses filled with sparkling wine, so can you this year!    …Continue reading “Special Absinthe Drink: New Years Edition”

Absinthe Miniatures: Smaller size, same taste

This week we have something cute for you: Absinthe Miniature Bottles. You probably ask yourself why you need them, we are going to tell you!

Absinthe Miniatures: Why smaller sized bottles

As Absinthe heavily relies on different ingredients and different herbs, customers tend to have different tastes. So sample size is one reason, but there still is another reason to it: The appearance. Hardly anybody can deny the beauty of smaller sized Absinthe bottles, especially when the Absinthe miniature bottles look like their bigger counterparts.    …Continue reading “Absinthe Miniatures: Smaller size, same taste”

Best Absinthe 2016

Now, that 2016 is almost over a lot of people wonder about the Best Absinthe of 2016. Obviously, this is subjective. However, we want to provide you with our Bestsellers of 2016. This in conclusion means that these Absinthes are also our customers favorites.

The Best Absinthe 2016

Absinthe Strong68 is a great Absinthe, that represents the typical wormwood flavor like no other. The high wormwood concentration results in a slightly bitter taste. It provides you with the real Absinthe experience.    …Continue reading “Best Absinthe 2016”