Ferdinands Quince Gin at ALANDIA

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You know that we at ALANDIA love premium spirits. First and foremost Absinthe, but then close by Gin. Therefore we have as well a featured Gin section in the ALANDIA Online shop. Today we want to present you a very interesting new addition: Ferdinands Quince Gin

This is the second product innovation from the team around Ferdinands Saar Dry Gin. For their first product, the regular Ferdinands Saar Dry Gin, a Riesling infusion (German white wine) is used to create a very special fruityness. Their second product follows this innovative path. Ferdinands Quince Gin plays homage to the British sloe Gin tradition but the distillers substitute the traditional sloes with locally grown quinces from the distillerys´ garden. The result is a sweet Gin liqueur, perfectly for a summery Gin & Tonic. Ferdinands Quince Gin can also be enjoyed on ice or mixed with champagne (Quince Sprizz). We indeed like the innovativeness and sweet and fruity taste of Ferdinands Quince Gin and can recommend it to every Gin enthusiast who appreciates the allure of something special.

Interesting Info: The quince is not a traditional Gin botanical. Nevertheless it can give the final distillate a pleasant bitter fruityness. Historically, quinces (lat. cydonia oblonga) are native to South-west Asia (Iran, Pakistan, Uzbekistan) but were later introduced to Europe. Today Turkey and China are the #1 cultivators of this fruit with more than 120,000 metric tons per year.

You can buy a bottle of Ferdinands Quince Gin in our Gin Shop



History of our bestselling Absinthe Strong68

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Strong68 is our bestselling Absinthe! Read some information about its history:

Absinthe Strong68 is our oldest absinthe brand. Back in 2001, when we founded the ALANDIA Absinthe company, we immediately started with its production. In the beginning it was a very strong, macerated absinthe. The bitterness was its characteristic and the product design was minimalistic. We liked it a lot, but as time went by our personal preferences changed. More and more we appreciated the fine taste of distilled absinthes and therefore also Strong68´s recipe was updated. We upgraded it to a distilled absinthe and moved production from Germany to France. Nevertheless we still wanted Strong68 to be “strong”, that´s why we use an extra portion of local French wormwood for the distillation. Also the coloring herbs are carefully selected, to give Strong68 a slightly bitter taste. The result is an Absinthe which is the epitome of vividness caused by the Green Fairy. Enjoy!

Below you can see a picture of the recent, up to date Absinthe Strong68 bottle and label design from 2014, and the early beginnings back in 2002.


For sale: Vintage Absinthe Pernod Fils

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Do you want to own a bottle of vintage Absinthe…?

This Vintage Pernod Fils Absinthe Bottle can be yours, because we are willing to sell it :-) It can be dated to the 1960s and is from the Pernod Fils Tarragona distillery from Spain. Pernod moved its production to Spain after Absinthe got prohibited in France. Partly, the bottle still has its original wrapping, which is rarely the case. We took it off for some pictures, so that you have a better view on the bottle itself.

As you can see the labels are in good condition. The bottle has 0.75 liters. The price is 950 Euro including Courier Express Shipping. This is of course a lot, but vintage Absinthe can be seen as an investment for the future. The price will increase, because there are only limited bottles still available on the market. If you are interested, please send us a private message at mail(at)




News from the World of Absinthe

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Dear Absintheurs!

we have some news for you. This time these news are packaged into a little quiz. So if you are ready for some challenge and education, then check out our newsletter!

The Absinthe Quiz Newsletter

All the best from the team,



Thomas Henry Tonic Water from Germany

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An exclusive selection of Tonic Water is available at ALANDIA

Additionally to Absinthe you can buy some premium Gin in the ALANDIA online store. Gin is a common spirit in a lot of cocktails, but the most famous combination is without a doubt Gin & Tonic. Therefore we decided to offer you a selection of premium Tonic Waters as well. With the recent Gin boom a lot of smaller Tonic producers appeared on the market as well. Therefore you are not forced anymore to drink your favorite Gin with Schweppes Tonic. Nevertheless our aim is not to offer you all Tonics that are available on the market. Our aim is to offer you Tonic Waters, that differ from their taste to broaden your Tonic Water horizon. We hope that it will support you in finding your favorite mixer for your favorite Gins.

Right now we concentrate on two brands. Gents Tonic Water from Switzerland and Thomas Henry Tonic Water from Germany. These Tonics are completely different from their taste. Gents is a sweeter Tonic with less bitterness. The chinin is sourced from gentiane not the fevertree. Thomas Henry in comparison is more of a “Schweppes Tonic”. It is much more bitter and the right Tonic Water for traditionalists who like a “dry” taste. Nevertheles, you should try your favorite Gin with both Tonics. You will be surprised how different your Gin and Tonic will taste! Both Tonic waters have a higher carbonation. In our opinion this is always something positive, as your Gin & Tonic remains fresh and sparkling for a longer time.

Did you know…?

Thomas Henry (*1734) was an English apothecary and chemist. In addition to his medical work he also invented the conservation of drinking water by adding sodium carbonate. Amongst others, this invention was of great benefit for the British Navy, as from now on seamen could be supplied with fresh water on long seafarings (and not only with rum..). Thereby Thomas Henry was one of the first producers of soda water – next to the German Johan Jacob Schweppe, who patented his method in 1783 and distributed his products as well in London in 1792 under the name “Schweppes”. But it remains unclear to us, why the manufacturers of Thomas Henry Tonic Water have used the portrait of Thomas´ son, William Henry, for the label and not Thomas Henrys´


Absinthe of the Month: Moulin Vert with free Tumbler glass

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Dear Absintheurs!

this month we have something very special for you, Absinthe Moulin Vert plus a free Tumbler glass. Because we promote the American way of Mixing Absinthe as recommened by Harry Johnson in 1882!  Below you can see a picture of a Frozen Absinthe already mixed and ready to serve. To find out how to mix this drink, please look at our separate “Harry Johnson” post. Cheers!

Harry Johnson and the Frozen Absinthe recipe, click here!




American Style of Mixing Absinthe

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Harry “The Dean” Johnson is one of the most influential barkeepers of our times. Little Harry was born in 1845 in Germany but emigrated to the United States soon after in 1852. Like many thousands of Germans his parents and his sister Martha sought a better life in the new world.

In the age of 15 Harry was already mixing drinks at the Union Hotel in San Francisco. Blessed by a great talent he impressed people with creative drinks and decided to publish a “bar manual”, the first of its arts: “The drinks I invented and the way I mixed them attracted many patrons to the bar, and I had so many requests from other bartenders to how I made this or that drink that I wrote a little book which I called the ‘Bartenders’ Manual’.” The first edition of  Harry Johnson’s Bartenders’ Manual was published in 1882, but this iconic book is still being reprinted to this day. Especially significant about Harry´s book is, that it is not limited on cocktail recipes. He also articulates how to be a bartender (not just what to make). Of course some recommendations have the signature of the 19th century, but many wisdoms still apply today.

On page 176 of his book Harry writes about the way, Americans like to mix/drink their Absinthe. Therefore his book is a very good historical evidence about the Absinthe culture in the USA before Prohibition. In general he writes “The Americans are not in the habit of drinking absinthe like the French are, but a drink of it occassionally will huert nobody.” Below you find a pciture of the cited page describing the creation of a “Frozen Absinthe”. We tried this American way of mixing Absinthe ourself and choose Absinthe Moulin Vert as a mixer. Important for a frozen Absinthe is, that you use enough sugar. In the recipe Harry mentions “6 or 7 dashes of gum syrup”. This was a sugar syrup used at this time. At ALANDIA you can buy this historical syrup as well.

Here you can buy original Gum Syrup

As we were so positively surprised of this drink, we chose to make Moulin Vert our Absinthe of the Month. Every bottle comes with a free high quality tumbler glass which is best for serving a Frozen Absinthe. Cheers!

Recipe for a “Frozen Absinthe” by Harry Johnson:

  • 3/4 glassful of fine ice
  • 6 or 7 dashes of gum syrup (sugar syrup)
  • 1 pony-glass of absinthe (1 shot glass)
  • 2 wine glasses of water (we used a bit less)

Then shake the ingredients, until the outside of the shaker is covered with ice; strain it into large bar glass, and serve.


Absinthe Cousin Jeune Reloaded

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Absinthe Cousin Jeune, the young cousin, was a famous absinthe brand back in the 19th century. The distillery was located in Pontarlier, France. Now this historical brand is for sale again. Every bottle is decorated with the original vintage promotional poster of Cousin Jeune. Below you can also see a picture of a miniature bottle of “Absinthe Cousin Jeune” from the past. The Absinthe itself is a classic Absinthe Blanche, meaning that no coloring herbs are added to the distillate. The result is a crystal clear, very smooth and fine Absinthe. Cousin Jeune is distilled with local wormwood from Pontarlier. Therefore it has a powerful wormwood taste. Fennel and anise, the classic Absinthe herbs, give Cousin Jeune a smooth and slightly sweet finish. This premium Absinthe won as well the gold medal at a spirit contest in Paris in 2014.

Interesting Info: After Absinthe prohibition the Cousin Jeune  and the Bailly absinthe distillery offered a thujone free Absinthe, an “absinthe sans-thuj”. But these products weren´t very successful. Of course the truth behind the claims of the manufacturers was more than dubious…


Absinthe Sneaker Nike Air Max ALANDIA ID

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Dear Absintheurs!

We at ALANDIA like to play around a bit. Therefore we designed the first ALANDIA Absinthe Nike Air Max ID Sneaker. The shoe is in our corporate colors black and green and has the “Fairy Wing Logo” at the back. Red is used to give the shoe a bit of  contrast and glamour. How do you like it? Unfortunately it is just a prototype, but maybe our staff will get them to get uniformed :-)

Cheers, your ALANDIA Team!

The first Absinthe Sneaker from ALANDIA!



News from the World of Absinthe

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Dear Absintheurs,

Do you want to drink authentic Absinthe and bring the ritual to perfection with individually wrapped sugar cubes? Then our Absinthe of the Month is just the right thing for you. Heritage Verte reflects the authenticity of the Absinthe heritage in perfect manner: It is composed after a traditional 19th century recipe, is naturally green in color and is distilled in France at the family owned Paul Devoille distillery. This month we will add to every bottle of Absinthe Heritage Verte one bag of original Absinthe sugar cubes for free.

Read the whole Newsletter online:

Newsletter: Absinthe Easter Eggs

Cheers, your ALANDIA Team!