10 years ALANDIA!

Absintheurs, 2011 is a special year, ALANDIA celebrates its 10th Absinthe anniversary!

Back in 2001 we started to sell the first bottles of Absinthe, after we got aware of the product through a trip to Spain. In Spain Absinthe was never banned, therefore you could find Absinthe bottles in the shelves of the local liquor store. As we were so fascinated by the product and the history of the Green Fairy, we decided to make this piece of history availabe for everyone. We founded ALANDIA and began to import Absinthe from around the world! Soon ALANDIA started to develop its own Absinthe brands. Strong68 and Gold68 were born and soon many other brands followed like Suisse La Bleue or Maison ALANDIA and Epoque.

Now, 10 years after the founding year, ALANDIA is the leading Absinthe shop in the net and we want to thank the whole Absinthe community for the support. You guys are the real kings and queens, thanks for your loyalty and motivating feedback through the years! Without you we wouldn´t be where we are right now!

All the best and many wishes! Your ALANDIA Team!