Liquor Mandrake "Mandrágora"

This spirit comes from Navarra in Spain and has a special fairy tale to tell. It is also famous from the Harry Potter movies.
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The mandrake spirit Mandrágora comes from Navarra in Spain and has a special fairy tale to tell. It is said that this blend of hallucinating herbs was drunk by witches because it helped them to fly. The elixier is distilled out of 8 different herbs including the forbidden mandrake root. Its taste is sweet and delicious. You can easily sip Mandrágora neat or on ice.


Harry Potter mandrake movie scene:

The plant mandrake was as well featured in the Harry Potter movies. Some myths surround the plant, as its roots resemble a human body. You can check the sequence in your video.


Mandatory Information

Country of Origin: Spain
Alcohol: 45% vol.
Content: 0.5 l
Color: Brown
Contains Colorings: No
Sales Denomination: Spirit
Food Business Operator: Licores Baztán S.A.T., Carretera Dancharinea, 0 S/N, 31730 Irurita, Spain
Tasting Notes: Tastes a bit like root beer, easy to drink as it is sweetened


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Perfect thing! Very light and pleasant to drink. Mandragora plant adds perfect muscle relaxing effect, without any drawback.
Heheh, a drink with Mandragora in it? :DDD
Sounds very cool and trippy, but it's hard to believe this stuff really has any mandrake in it. If I remember correctly, madrake is considered poison, so selling it would be illegal.... But this was still too damn irresistible, and the bottle was nice too, so i had to try it out ;D
Well, this stuff smells very spicy, reminds me a bit of Tabasco sauce. Taste was actually very nice, a bit like sweet and soft spicy whiskey. I did not expect any special effects, and of course there wasn't any, so don't buy this if only thing you are looking for is some kind of legal hallucinogenic drug. It's just damn good tasting herbal whiskey, actually so damn good tasting that i recommend this very much!
Ah yes....a commercial version of the fabled famous brew of the Witches....It does have a spicey start,STRONG BITE in the throat afterwards but finishes with a herbal flavour..Drink half for a good time but don't get any ideas when looking at your broomstick intensely..
Interesting! Spicy whiskey start with a sweet, herby finish. I like it but may be a bit harsh for some. Reminds me of whiskey but two fingers full really kicked me! Enjoy.

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