Drinking Absinthe: 21 recipes for the best Absinthe drinks

On this site you find some ideas for creative Absinthe drinking. We list the classic French Absinthe ritual, but primarily show you delicious Absinthe cocktail recipes. Some Absinthe drinks are all time classics like the Sazerac, some are more modern. Nevertheless we want to point out, that the classic version of serving Absinthe is with ice water and sugar. Check out as well our Absinthe Videos, to see which traditional Absinthe rituals exist.

The classic French Absinthe Ritual (the traditional way of drinking Absinthe):

Pour a shot (25ml) of absinthe into a glass or old fashioned cocktail glass, place a cube of sugar on an absinthe spoon and trickle ice cold water to fill 1 to 3 parts or to taste. This is the way how famous Absinthe drinkers like van Gogh, Lautrec or Baudelaire enjoyed their glass of the green liquor. And this is still the right way how to drink Absinthe. We highly recommend this drinking ritual to all Absintheurs.

Flamed Absinthe (not recommended but a lot of bars serve Absinthe like this):

Dip a tea spoon of sugar into 1 shot of absinthe, flame it on the spoon and let it caramelise, once the flame has gone out stir it into the absinthe and add water until it louches. We can not recommend this ritual, as the fire destroys the fine flavor of absinthe and furthermore promotes the "drug-like" aspect of Absinthe.

Zach Attack:

This recipe is Zach´s (US Absintheur) favorite: 1 part absinthe, 1 part vodka, 1/2 spiced rum (Captain Morgans), 1/4 Absolute Vanillia, 1/4 ginger beer. Mix and serve over ice. 

Sazerac Absinthe:

1/2 absinthe coated in chilled martini glass, 1 spoon of syrup, 2 dashes of peychaud bitters, 2 dashes angostura bitters, 1 1/2 rye whiskey (not bourbon) , shake and strain over ice with a lemon twist.

Absinthe Suisse:

1 part absinthe, squeeze of lemon and lime juice over crushed ice, sprinkle sugar on top.

Absinthe Cleverly:

1 part absinthe, 1 part gran marnier, dash of gomme with sugar or salt rim.

Voodoo Pigalle:

2 parts absinthe , 1/2 midori, 1/2 green chartreuse, dash of gomme and a splash of lemon juice, shake and serve.

Hemmingway Revolution:

1 part absinthe, 1 chambord, 1/2 fraise, 1/2 creme de cassis topped with cranberry juice, serve in martini glass with sugar rim.

Absinthe Royal:

1 part absinthe on top of 1/2 glass of champagne, dash of creme de menthe.

Absent Jack:

1 part absinthe, 12 redcurrants, 1 water, 1/2 cointreau, blended and strained over crushed ice.

Hemmingway's Dream:

1 part absinthe, 1 lemon juice, 3 cubes demerara sugar, 9 mint leaves, shake and strain into martini or cocktail glass.

Absinthe Martini:

1 part absinthe, 1/2 apple schnapps 1/2 cinnamon schnapps coated in shaker, dash of apple juice, shake and strain into martini glass, garnish with apple slice.

Absent Days:

1 part absinthe, 2 spoons of raspberry puree, 1/2 peach schnapps, dash of gomme, orange juice, shake, serve in cocktail glass. VINYL SUNSET: 1 absinthe, 1/2 cassis, splash of lime, build over ice, top up with soda or lemonade.

Eden´s Apple:

1 part absinthe, 1/2 midori, 1/2 green charteuse, splash of apple juice & top up with dry ginger, garnish with apple slice.


1/2 part absinthe,1 blackcurrant vodka, 1/2 triple sec, passion juice , squeezed lime & 4 mint leaves, shake and pour into highball glass, garnish with twig of mint.


1/2 part absinthe, 1 absolute citron, 1/2 poivre william, 4 white grapes, 4 lime wedges, 4 mint leaves, 3 spoons of brown sugar, muddle, and strain over crushed ice, garnish with twig of mint & 3 white grapes.

Café de Paris:

1 part absinthe, 1 dry gin, 1 spoon of sweet cream, 1 egg white, blended.

Knock Out:

1/3 part absinthe, 1/3 french vermouth, 1/3 dry gin, 1 teaspoon white creme de menthe, shake well and pour into cocktail glass.

Absinthe Margarita:

1 part absinthe, 1 tequila,1/2 gran marnier or triple sec, sour mix, lime juice, salt rim, pour ingredients over ice, float triple sec, add slice of lime.

Cajun Mary:

2 parts absinthe, fill cocktail glass with ice, pour absinthe and fill with tomato juice, add dash of wocestershire sauce & tobasco sauce, salt & pepper, serve with garnish of your choice.

Absinthe Frappe:

1 part absinthe over crushed ice with the flavouring of your choice - lime juice, grenadine etc.