Purchase Absinthe: Buy the real Green Fairy

Authentic Absinthe can be purchased online at ALANDIA. This is the best way to buy a bottle of authentic Absinthe as you often can not find real Absinthe in your local liquor store. Your Absinthe purchase is safe and convenient if you order the Green Fairy through the online shop ALANDIA. The shop was founded 14 years ago, meaning that we serve the Absinthe Community since 2001. We offer a large selection of different styles of authentic Absinthe glasses, Absinthe spoons, Absinthe posters and other Absinthe accessories. The Green Fairy, how Absinthe is also called, has a long and fascinating story to tell. With your first Absinthe purchase you will step into her fascinating world. If you directly want to purchase a bottle of Absinthe or some exclusive accessories, just click on the link or the navigation bar above.

Is it safe to purchase Absinthe online?

Purchase AbsintheIf your order at ALANDIA it is. ALANDIA was established in the year 2001, therefore we have already a long company history. This means as well, that we have have gathered a lot of experiences in regard of shipping and handling of the Green Fairy. Nevertheless all of our boxes are insured against breakage or loss. You can as well track your order online, as soon as it is shipped. Therefore you always know, when to be at home to welcome the Green Fairy :-). The online shop offers a wide selection of original Absinthe, glasses, spoons, fountains, sugar, posters and much more. As soon as you place ypur order and purchase your Absinthe you will already step into the World of Absinthe. Then it is only a matter of time to your first glass. You need a glass and a spoon to drink absinthe the original way. At our store you find some videos explaining the Absinthe ritual. We highly recommend that you purchase these accessories as well with your first order. Because only then you can experience the Green Fairy the right way.

Purchasing Absinthe, is it legal?

Yes it is, as Absinthe got legalized almost everyhwere in the world. Take the USA, Switzerland, Europe, Japan everyhwere the historical drink of the 19th century got legalized again. That is why we can sell it again. and actually we sell the real stuff. Real European absinthe made with wormwood / thujon. Not watered down Absinthe, we sell what was drank in the 19th century. Well, maybe even better.... Toulouse Lautrec, van Gogh or Manet were famous absintheurs. They used to drink their glass in one of the many bistros of Paris/France. Toulouse Lautrec owned his very own absinthe spoon. It was beautifully ornamented and had an etching with his initials. H.L. Lautrec also had a very special further accessory. In his walking stick he had a reservoir for two shots of Absinthe included.

Where can I purchase Absinthe online?

You can easily purchase a bottle of the green liquor online in the Internet. It doesn´t matter if you are searching for Absinthe spoons, absinthe glasses, absinthe fountains. Why? Because ALANDIA sells everything. It is the one stop shopping experience for the world of Absinthe. And you will see, all the products are so tempting. You want to have them all. If you need some advice in terms of which brand to choose, check out the absintheur reviews in the shop or consult the bestseller list. If you don´t exactly know how to drink Absinthe the clasic way, just check out the following video:


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„..top notch service, feels like amazon ;-)))!!!“

Carlos from Florida

„very good packaging, loved the gummy bears and the free CD. Expect more orders to come!“

Rix from UK

„was _Very Pleased to see how well packed considering I had a Fountain, Glasses, Spoons & a bottle of "Heritage"... Also... Thank you for the Free CD... looking forward to zoning-out later this evening, & experiencing the "Green Fairy" for the 1st time!!“

Glenn from USA