Gin Sul

Gin Sul is a Gin from the German city of Hamburg. It exudes the unique aromas of labdanum, a plant found at the west coast of Portugal.
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Gin Sul is a Gin from the German city of Hamburg. It is produced in the distillery Altonaer Spirituosen Manufaktur and exudes the unique aromas of labdanum. Labdanum is the resin of a plant found at the west coast of Portugal. It has a sweet, honey like smell and taste. Once you sip a glass of Gin Sul you will also detect the typical notes of juniper, coriander, rosemary, rose blossoms and lemon peel. Overall Gin Sul is a quite Mediterranean Gin, which can be considered as a New Western Dry Gin, because of its extraordinary, sweeter taste profile. We recommend to drink it with a bitter tonic water to reduce the overall sweetness of the Gin. Thomas Henry fits well. 


The story behind Gin Sul:

Stephan Garbe is the man behind Gin Sul. He founded his distillery in 2013 and gave it full of pride the name "Altonaer Spirituosen Manufaktur". Altona is the district of Hamburg, where his distillery is located, "Spirituosen Manufaktur" signifies, that his Gin is strictly made in small batches by hand. But how did he come up with the idea of distilling a Gin..? Especially as Mr. Garbe had a job as an advertising agent. But, and this is the answer, he usually spent his time-off in Portugal. He was and still is fascinated by the magnificent landscape and culture of this sunny region. One custom in the Iberian countries is the 5 o´clock drink. The drink of choice is often a Gin & Tonic. While sipping one of these drinks at the beach the idea was born to produce a Gin which uses local botanicals and thereby reflects the beauty of the country. He liked the idea so much, that he quit his job and studied the skilled craft of a distiller. Late 2013, only a year later, he made his dream come true: The first bottles of Gin Sul were bottled and ready for sale...

You might have asked yourself why Gin Sul shows a ferry on the bottle? There is actually an interesting story behind it. Every kid knows these ferries in Lisbon (Portugal) and Hamburg (Germany) likewise. In the early 50s the ships were used in Hamburg for public transportation on the Elbe. But pretty soon their technique was outdated and the ships too expensive to run. By the 70s they were therefore retired and sold to Portugal. Here they found a new home and were used to connect Lisbon with the port of Cacilhas. Based on this link the locals called the ferries "Cacilheiros". Now the ferries decoarte as well the bottle of Gin Sul, symbolizing the two origins of the Gin.

Mandatory Information

Country of Origin: Germany
Alcohol: 43% vol.
Content: 0.5 l
Color: Crystal-clear
Contains Colorings: No
Sales Denomination: Gin
Food Business Operator: Altonaer Spirituosen Manufaktur Vicentina GmbH & Co. KG, Bahrenfelder Steindamm 2, 22761 Hamburg
Tasting Notes: Sweet and mediterranean


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