Absinthe Francois Guy 0.5 Liter

Absinthe Francois Guy was the gold medal winner of the Absinthiades 2013. This Absinthe is a must try for every Absintheur as its recipe is focused on flavor-loaded green anise and wormwood from France (Pontarlier).
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Absinthe Francois Guy is the gold medal winner of the Absinthiades 2013! The Absinthiades is the annual Absinthe fair which takes place in Pontarlier, France. Francois Guy Absinthe is named after the master distiller of the distillery, which is now in its 4th generation. The Absinthe itself convinces with a fresh and delicious bouquet. Traditionally no additives are added, and the orchestra Francois Guy composes plays like in the Belle Epoque, a symphony of flavor and stimulation. Smell an opened bottle, and you can practically taste the intense flavor of genuine French wormwood and green anise grown in the fertile grounds of Pontarlier. The alcohol level is with 45% lower in comparison to other Absinthes. Therefore you can enjoy Francois Guy Absinthe without sugar and less cold water than you normally use. Info: The bigger 1 liter bottle Francois Guy Absinthe, which is also available in our shop, and the smaller 0.5 liter bottle contain the same Absinthe, just the label and bottle is different.


The Guy Absinthe distillery from Pontarlier, how it all began:

We write the year 1890 when Armand Guy, aged 20, began to pursue his Absinthe career. His first strategic move was to locate his distillery at Rue des Lavaux. At this place an underground water source was located, which he used for the distillation of his fine spirits. The first customers were als well planned: Close by, the French Army had a military camp. With its constant waves of soldiers ans its constant demand for alcoholic spirits the camp was a major factor for his business sucess. It also helped to introduce the Armand Guy Absinthe to the rest of France and the Colonies. Overall, Armand Guy really benefited from the golden years of Absinthe. Pontarlier became a major Absinthe hub, so big, that at the end of the 19th century no fewer than 23 distilleries were located in this small town. Pontarlier only had a population of 10,000 - 3,000 were employed in the distillation of Absinthe. This of course changed with Absinthe prohibition taking place in 1915. But now, 100 years later, the 4th generation, François Guy (1964), successfully revives the Absinthe tradition which his great grandfather created.


Mandatory Information

Country of Origin: France
Alcohol: 45% vol.
Content (l): 0.5
Color: Green-yellow
Contains Colorings: No
Sales Denomination: Spirit
Food Business Operator: Distillerie Armand Guy, 49 Rue des Lavaux, 25300 Pontarlier, France
Tasting Notes: Low alcohol level, therefore very easy to drink, green anise and wormwood are in the foreground


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This Absinthe has great sentimental value to me for which I will always rate it highly, but even discounting that fact; it has a beautiful perfumed taste and affects one gently and pleasantly. This is a true romantic Absinthe.

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