Absinthe La Grenouille

The idea behind La Grenouille was to create an Absinthe with a fresh, Mediterranean connotation. It has a classic backbone of wormwood, green anise, fennel and hyssop, but is completed with lemonbalm for extra freshness and other unique southern herbs to achieve a warm, velvety character.
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The idea behind La Grenouille was to create an Absinthe with a Mediterranean connotation. It has a classic backbone of wormwood and green anise plus a hefty dose of pretty fragrant fennel. It is primarily this herb, that gives La Grenouille its southern character. Lemonbalm is added for extra freshness and cardamon and vanilla achieve a warm and smooth finish. With its premium quality La Grenouille proves that authentic Absinthes can as well be produced in the Eastern countries. It is as well worth to mention that the color of La Grenouille Absinthe is a natural green. This is quite rare for an Absinthe from the Czech Republic...


Martin Zufanek and Stefano Rossoni, the distillers of La Grenouille Absinthe:

Martin Zufanek started his family business in late 2000. The company is headquartered in the small village of of Boršice u Blatnice near the border with Slovakia and Austria. The distillery facilities are surrounded by Zufanek´s own orchards, located in a protected landscape zone of the White Carpathian Mountains. The orchards cover 15 hectares and serve as an endless source of fine ingredients for Zufaneks spirits. All of his products are made from local ingredients according to traditional, proven recipes, without addition of artificial colors, flavors or aromas. Two 300 liter copper stills lie at the heart of the distillery, and thanks to growing interest in Zufanek´s products the distillery expanded in 2015 with two new stills made by the legendary Arnold Holstein company. For La Grenouille Martin Zufanek teamed up with the Italian Absinthe professional Stefano Rossoni. With love and a lot of knowledge they created this wonderful Absinthe. Stefano Rossoni already proofed his skills with other Absinthe projects (l'Italienne, L'Ancienne) and is a well regarded member of the international Absinthe society


Mandatory Information

Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Alcohol: 65% vol.
Content (l): 0.5
Color: Green
Contains Colorings: No
Sales Denomination: Spirit
Food Business Operator: ZUSY s.r.o., 687 63 Borsice u Blatnice 57, Czech Republic
Tasting Notes: Mediterranean taste of rosemary and thyme


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This is a great absinthe. It has a very distinct and different flavor. There are some herbal notes here I just can\'t put my finger on. It\'s very full-bodied and rich. Highly recommended!
Perfect balance of rich citrusy-spicy notes, dryness, sweetness, not unlike Eichelberger 68 limitée. A refreshing yet very distinct character. It must have been left out from \"Deluxe\" category by mistake; in fact, it would surpass a few brands there.

2 Item(s)

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