Absinthe Kallnacher

This Swiss Absinthe is a typical La Bleue Absinthe. It is smooth and fresh from its taste. If you like softer Absinthes, then you should try a Absinthe Kallnacher.
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Absinthe Kallnacher has a pleasant mouthfeel. On the tongue this Absinthe is soft with notes of melissa. The smell is flowery, therefore typical for a La Bleue. Overall, Kallnacher is a nice Absinthe with a passionate herbal aroma.


The story of Absinthe Kallnacher:

This Suisse Absinthe has a special history to tell. The founder of the Kallnacher distillery Ernst Luginbuehl-Boegli was once a cattle trader and had contacts with the farmers of the Val-de-Travers. Once, he made a special deal to trade a cow for the secret Absinthe recipe from a distiller of the famous Suisse Valley. Mr. Luginbuehl-Boegli did not use it but instead kept it in a book for future projects. 100 years passed until the recipe was once again discovered and now is the basis for this distilled Suisse Absinthe.

Mandatory Information

Country of Origin: Switzerland
Alcohol: 55% vol.
Content (l): 0.2
Color: Crystal-clear
Contains Colorings: No
Sales Denomination: Spirit
Food Business Operator: Lion Spirits, Markus Lion e.K., Münstertälerstrasse 12, 79427 Eschbach
Tasting Notes: Softer Absinthe with a great refreshing taste


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Great La Bleue
This is an excellent La Bleue. It's made by the Matter distillery which also make the La Bleue Artisanale. It's a bit less complex and a bit less sweet than the Artisanale but comes in a larger 1 liter bottle which makes this a real winner. If you like the La Bleues give this one a try. You won't be disappointed.

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