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The Classic Absinthe Fountain we offer for sale is the epitome of quality and the final result of an ambitious endeavour! If you already have some experiences with the world of Absinthe, especially with the accessories market, you will know, that a lot of accessories are available for sale, but sometimes at inferior quality. Especially metal Absinthe fountains were always a problem, as their production is complex: You have to make sure that no tap is dripping / leaking when the fountain is not in use, all glass elements have to be resistant against temperature fluctuations because you fill in ice cubes and water, and all thread-mounts should be precisely made to guarantee an easy assembly of the individual parts. You see, the production needs an experienced manufacturer and previous manufacturing companies were simply overstrained. But this has changed! The Absinthe store ALANDIA in cooperation with Lion Spirits have accepted the challenge and decided to produce an Absinthe fountain that solves all of these frustrating problems. They started the project "Authentic Absinthe Accessories", with the fountain being their first high quality product. It took some time, but now the epitome of quality is available on the market. The Classic Absinthe Fountain. You can buy it in the ALANDIA online shop: Absinthe Fountain AAA

Buy the AAA Absinthe Fountain Classic at ALANDIA

This Absinthe Fountain is simply the best and it is for sale

Classic Absinthe Fountain AAABesides a first class craftsmanship the Classic Absinthe Fountain has many intelligently designed features, which differentiate it from previous models which where available for sale. They make its use a truely unique experience. We will list a few, so that you can understand why this fountain is simply the best:

> The glass bowl is made from molded glass. This makes the bowl resistant against temperature fluctuations.

> Precisely machined thread-mounts guarantee a convenient and even fun assembly of the individual components.

> The spigots are screw-mounted. They can be easily removed and cleaned by using a pipe cleaner.

> The Classic Absinthe Fountain's base is cushioned with a foam pad. This prevents slippage and ugly scratches on your table.

> All of the fountain parts are polished and therefore shine bright like the Belle Epoque itself!

> The fountain is made out of food-grade nickel-plated brass, certified by the Fresenius institute.

The reference model for the Classic Absinthe Fountain was the legendary Terminus Fountain. Terminus was a famous absinthe manufacturer during the 19th century. The distillery was located in France and therefore it doesn't surpirse that a rooster was chosen to decorate the lid. The rooster is the French national symbol. The classic Absinthe fountain has as well this rooster as a decorating element. It shall express that the Absinthe culture is deeply rooted in the French Republic. Besides this obvious decorative element some smaller designing details are worth of mentioning: All spigots are engraved with a Triple A logo. The letters stand for the project name "Authentic Absinthe Accessories" but also intend to evoke associations of quality: Because "Triple A" as a rating communicates in in the finance market "simply the best"!

How do you drink Absinthe with a fountain?

As not everyone might know how to drink absinthe with a fountain, we will briefly explain the ritual. Also check out our video further down on this page, showing the Absinthe Fountain ritual. An Absinthe Fountain is the most sophisticated accessory to prepare a glass of absinthe. In the video below you can see, that you have to fill the glass bowl iwth ice cubes and water (not with Absinthe!). You place then a glass of Absinthe with a Absinthe spoon and sugar under the spigots. Once you open a tap water drips onto the sugar on the spoon and dissolves it. Besides this, the green Absinthe also starts to change its color. It starts to "louche". This is a very fascinating moment, as green turns into opalescent white. The Green Fairy awakes and rises up in the glass...


Where can I buy a classic absinthe fountain?

ALANDIA sells it. They ship worldwide, including the USA. All fountains are packaged in a protective styrofoam box. These boxes are then packed again in a heavy duty shipping box. You can be sure, your fountain will arrive sound and safe! ALANDIA offers a 100% Delivery Guarantee, covering anything that might happen (e.g. lost package or although it never happens "breakage"). And just as a side note, ALANDIA was founded in 2001, therefore they have experience and know what they are doing! If you need further info about how to buy Absinthe in the USA just visit our info site.