Absinthe for sale: Where can I buy a bottle?

If you want to buy Absinthe, if you are looking for a bottle of real Absinthe for sale, then you just have found what you were looking for! We at ALANDIA offer a large selection of real Absinthe with wormwood as well as a large assortment of authentic Absinthe accessories. We have it all: Spoons, glasses, fountains, sugar cubes, posters, even vintage pre-ban Absinthe is for sale in our online store. Buying Absinthe online at ALANDIA is safe and very convenient. We accept Paypal and all major credit cards. The shipping is made via DHL Airmail or lightning-fast Courier Express, depending on your preference. Shipping to the USA takes 10-12 days (DHL) or 2-3 days (Courier). The rest of the world is served in 10-12 days, Europe in 3-5 days.

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Absinthe for sale at ALANDIA

Which Absinthe is for sale, and is it good?

Absinthe for saleThere are a lot of different brands on the market, as many distilleries have started to produce Absinthe within the last years. To orientate in the world of Absinthe you can say, that an Absinthe is different in terms of its production process. You can get macertaed or distilled Absinthe. You can buy as well green, red, black or even blue types of this alcohol made with wormwood. Additionally, the degree of alcohol and thujone can be different. Strong brands have up to 80.0% alcohol by vol and 35 mg thujone. One of these brands is the black Absinthe Hamlet Hardcore. But we have to mention, that thujone should not be your primary decision criteria when you buy Absinthe. It is not the major thing about this drink. You should respect and appreciate the deep culture of this very special liquor. Furthermore, you should drink Absinthe responsibly, as this spirit has more alcohol compared to other spirits (68% alc. by vol vs. 40-45% alc. by vol. in a whisky, vodka or rum).

Absinthe is not a hallucinogenic drug, despite its reputation of being so. Real Absinthe contains of course wormwood and wormwood can set free thujone, once it is distilled. But the amount of thujone in the drink is very low. What you will feel after 1-2 glasses of Absinthe is more the high percentage of alcohol. So don't expect to see pink elephants. This is not what Absinthe will give you. And also don't think that Absinthe in the 19th century had more thujone than today, this is a myth. Vintage Absinthe was chemically analysed and the thujone levels were comparable, sometime even lower than today. So to put it in a nutshell, Absinthe is nowadays as real as 100 years ago, and the effects of thujone are exaggerated. You should buy Absinthe because of its incomparable complex taste and its fascinating ritual and history. Absinthe simply is a legendary spirit!

I want to buy Absinthe, where is Absinthe alcohol for sale?

If you are over legal drinking age you can easily buy Absinthe. In regard of laws you can state, that Absinthe got legalized in the USA in 2008. Therefore you can legally buy Absinthe in the USA, and can order it online, for example via our store. In Europe Absinthe is already legal since 1998. That's why ALANDIA could start to offer it for sale already back in 2001. ALANDIA sells the real thing. That means real European Absinthe with wormwood. Most of our Absinthes come from small-batch distilleries, that produce according to traditional methods. Many of them cultivate wormwood on their own fields, which guarantees best quality. The ALANDIA house brands are for example distilled in France, at an family-owned distillery, that was founded in 1859. Already in the 19th century they produced the green liquor and therefore can look back on century old experiences and knowledge.

Original Absinthe for sale


Where can I purchase Absinthe online?

At ALANDIA you find a large selection of Absinthe. As you will see, finding the right Absinthe for you is kind of a task. There are so many good Absinthes up for sale. We recommend to buy a real Absinthe like Heritage Verte. It is a very traditional and original product. This Absynthe (the latin writing) is made with high-quality wormwood in France, it is naturally green from its color and has a beautiful thick louche, when water is added to the drink. Heritage Verte is one of the best choices for newbies and Absinthe professionals alike. Other recommend brands for sale are Strong68, if you like a strong Absinthe, or Maison ALANDIA, if you like it complex and exclusive. If you look for a special Absinthe we can recommend Mansinthe, this is the official Absinthe of Marilyn Manson.

If you are interested as well in other spirits for sale, then check out our "other Spirits" section in the store. We have for example a nice selection of premium Gin at ALANDIA. Gin is primarily based on the distillation of juniper berries. But, similar to Absinthe, various other botanicals are added to the distillation process. Therefore Absinthe and Gin have a lot in common. We recommend that you add for example a bottle of Six Ravens London Dry Gin to your order. This is one of the ALANDIA Spirits Gins. It is distilled with fresh ginger roots and tastes delicious with tonic water. Cheers and enjoy browsing through our store!

How do I drink Absinthe?

You never drink Absinthe neat. To truely experience the Green Fairy, it is necessary to prepare your glass the traditional way. This is how the classic French Absinthe ritual works: You pour a shot of Absinthe into the glass (3-4 cl). Then you put an Absinthe spoon on top and place one or two sugar cubes on it (the best sugar cubes are the individually wrapped sugar cubes we offer for sale at our store). Finally you pour ice-cold water over the sugar to dissolve it. The sugared water blends now with the green liquor in the glass. You can use a water carafe or an Absinthe fountain for that. As soon as the spirit mixes with water, the green Absinthe begins to louche into a mystical white. After a ratio of one part Absinthe with three parts water your glass of Absinthe is prepared. You can watch a video of the classic Absinthe ritual with water and sugar below. As you can see, the liquor is already poured over the sugar cube. You can do this, it makes the sugar dissolve slower. Please check out our Absinthe ritual video section in our store. There you will see even more ways of preparing the Green Fairy. You will also find one video that explains, why you should never set your Absinthe on fire!