Absinthe Duplais Verte 0.5 Liter

This is the green Absinthe from the Swiss Matter distillery. We like it, because it is a very delicate Absinthe without any bitterness.
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The famous Absinthe Verte from the Swiss Matter distillery is as well available in this smaller 0.5 liter bottle. It convinces with a very smooth taste. The recipe is traditional, which means anise and fennel are used. No sugar is added, the Absinthe is naturally colored.


Different label, same Duplais Absinthe:

This is the smaller 0.5 liter bottle of Duplais Verte. The label is different in comparison to the 0.7 liter bottle, which you can also buy in our store. Nevertheless the content is the same, therefore you can decide, which label you like more.


How to drink Absinthe properly:

In the following video you can see how you prepare Absinthe the traditional French way. You need an Absinthe glass, an Absinthe spoon, sugar cubes and ice cold water for this traditional ritual. This is how it works: You place the Absinthe spoon on the rim of the glass, put a sugar cube on top and slowly add water. The Absinthe in the glass blends with water and magically louches from green to an opalescent white color. Santé, your Absinthe glass is prepared.



Mandatory Information

Country of Origin: Switzerland
Alcohol: 68%
Content (l): 0.5
Color: Green
Contains Colorings: No
Sales Denomination: Spirit
Food Business Operator: Lion Spirits, Markus Lion e.K., Münstertälerstrasse 12, 79427 Eschbach
Tasting Notes: Delicate Absinthe with a lower anise-level, therefore less licorice taste


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