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Welcome back, glad to have you here! Absinthe and Medicine is this weeks’ topic.
Absinthe and its relationship with medicine is a subject that is often discussed in old books about Absinthe. That’s why we are telling you a bit more about Absinthe and its relationship with medicine today. Enjoy!

Absinthe and medicine..? How about wormwood!

Absinthe and medicine are two words that one normally does not think of together. But as you know, Absinthe is made out of wormwood. So the relationship is rather between wormwood and medicine than between Absinthe and medicine.

Absinthe got prohibitted in 1915 in France. Partly, because it was said that wormwood drives you insane. The active ingredient in wormwood oil, “thujone”, was the explanation (read more about Absinthe & Thujone and Absinthe and its effects on our specific info sites). Nevertheless wormwood was as well associated with many health benefits.

Absinthe leaves and wormwood oil

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Absinthe as a medicine: Suggested use and health benefits

In the 19th century the French Army supplied its soldiers with rations of Absinthe. Especially in the African colonies the spirit was considered as a prophylactic medicine. Wormwood oil being dissolved in the drink plus the high proof alcohol should protect soldiers from health issues resulting from contaminated water. It was common sense (and still is), that wormwood has a positive effect on your metabolism. As follows, we list the five most suggested uses. As you will see, these benefits are far beyond protecting you from stomach pain. Those are the most frequently named benefits of wormwood in literature:

  1. Wormwood was said to relief stomach pain.
  2. It was said to remove intestinal worms as well.
  3. Wormwood was said to be an insect repellent.
  4. It was said to cure veneral diseases.
  5. Drinking wormwood tea was said to relief stress and calm the nerves.

So next time you drink a glass of Absinthe, think of these benefits. It might enhance your good time :-). Next week we will tell you all you need to know about Absinthe Spoons.

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