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A is a pretty simple name for an Absinthe. But it describes the philosophy of the producers of this Absinthe. Their credo is to produce liquors in its purest form. Therefore they focus on the three main Absinthe ingredients: Wormwood, fennel and anise.
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A is a pretty simple name for an Absinthe. But it describes the philosophy of the producers of this Absinthe. In 2014 the Den Ny Spritfabrik was founded in Copenhague, Denmark. The credo of the founders is to produce liquors in its purest form. They started with the typical liquor of Denmark, Aquavit, but soon launched as well an Absinthe, as both liquors are based on herbs. According to their philosophy they created an Absinthe, that focuses on the three main ingredients of the Green Fairy: Wormwood, fennel and anise, which all come actualy from the distillery’s own garden. The natural green colour derives from hyssop and roman wormwood, which the finished distillate is boiled with. The development process took two years, the focus was on making a drink where the pure herb taste is recognisable, with a balanced liquor that is rich in detail. It is a drink that functions in many cocktails, but can be enjoyed straight too, just as long as the Absinthe is thinned with cold mineral water and with ice added. We like this Danish Absinthe, as it is sort of a "summer Absinthe"; not too heavy on the tongue and with 65% alcohol also pleasantly mild.


Denmark, an Absinthe country?

Of course Denmark is not France, but this small Scandinavian country has actually more of an Absinthe history than you might think. Artists and Swiss immigrants mainly brought the demand for the Green Fairy to this northern region. Without much of exaggeration it is pretty safe to say that Copenhague owes most of its café culture and history to these Swiss immigrants. As cafés were the most popular consumption place for Absinthe, the first Danish Absinthe was actually already produced in the mid-  to late 1800s. Worth to mention is, that there has been an uninterrupted production of Absinthe in Demark until today, despite Absinthe´s ban in almost all parts of the world by the beginning of the 20th century. Nevertheless Denmark was never know for premium Absinthe brands. Due to the lack of distillery-equipment, most Absinthes were manufactured by mixing essential oils. Therefore the final product lacked in complexity compared to distilled (French) Absinthes. (Source: M. Hartsmar)

Mandatory Information

Country of Origin: Denmark
Alcohol: 65% vol.
Content (l): 0.5
Color: Light-green
Contains Colorings: No
Sales Denomination: Spirit
Food Business Operator: Den Ny Spritfabrik A/S, Fredensborgvej 60, 3480 Fredensborg, Denmark
Tasting Notes: Pleasantly fresh with a focus on fennel


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My review here is using Absinthe Evaluation Instructions. My personal opinion ranks this very good. I will outline here the steps.
APPEARANCE - a light green very translucent coloring of the absinthe.
LOUCHE - After dousing with a very cold ice cube induced cold it became very white , very pleasant.
AROMA - Very pleasant and easy on the nose. Very soft and not overpowering in any way
FLAVOR/MOUTHFEEL - It's overall feeling is like licorice. Not overpowering but a wonderfull feelin of licorice. i do not taste anything more than fennel , wormwood and absinthe it feels like the near perfect blend of the three main ingredients.
FINISH - It is very smooth and everything an absinthe should taste and feel like. This Absinthe is everything it wants to be.

If i was offered a glass of Absinthe A I would never turn it down. It has a wonderful feeling in the mouth and mind. If you are ever looking for the near perfect absinthe this one will delight and tantalize your mind and your palette.

I find this to be a very pleasant tasting absinthe. I usually drink Strong 68 and it is my favorite. This is good enough so far to be a fair replacment. It needs less sugar and for my tastes I could probably go with less dilution of water.

2 Item(s)

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