Inspire your Senses Absinthe Set

The Inspire your Senses Absinthe Set is for those, who are looking for strong inspiration. All of the included Absinthes have a personally tested and verified strong "effect".

This Set contains:

1 x Absinthe ALANDIA Strong68   +€0.00
1 x Absinthe Gothica   +€0.00
1 x Absinthe Hamlet Hardcore Black   +€0.00


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This Absinthe set is for those, who are looking for strong inspiration. All of the included Absinthes have a personally tested and verified strong "effect". Strong68 is more of a traditional green, strong Absinthe, Gothica has a purple-black color with notes of roses and Hamlet Hardcore is just strong and black as hell. 


One advice in regard of drinking Absinthe Hamlet Hardcore:

You shouldn´t drink Absinthe Hamlet Hardcore straight, unless you want to experience the "shot of death". We recommend to drink Hamlet Hardcore on ice or mixed with two parts ice cold water. The Tipsy Bartender used Hamlet Hardcore Absinthe for "Deadpool Shots", but you better be careful...

Additional Info

Additional Info

Country of Origin:
Alcohol: No
Content (l): No
Tasting Notes: From slightly bitter, to floral and sweet but always strong
Contains Colorings: Yes

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I love this box set!
Gothica to Hamlet...Im keeping my shelves stocked with these three bottles!
TOTALLY AWESOME! Wanted to try the strong 68. the red is a little weird and has that commercial taste but is good.
I am so glad I ordered this set!!! I mainly ordered it so I could try the Gothica, and I knew the strong 68 was going to be good from what I read, but the Absinthium red actually had the best flavor for an Absinthe that I have ever tried!!! I will be ordering more of all 3, but for the people not sure about red absinthe, this stuff is goooooood!!! The only thing about it, it turns pink when you put water in it, so if you're a guy, be prepared to get ripped on
I only have tried the Strong 68, and the Abstinthium Red so far. The Strong 68 definatly has that strong taste and I had a great experince from it. I only sipped the other one and wow i really like the taste of it i would have to say it is my favorite tasting one so far. This is my first purchase of abstinthe and i will definatly buy some more and if you want a great set of abstinthe I definatly would recomend getting this set.
Extreme DECADENCE!!!!! I was very pleased trying this package and was beyond impressed. I have tried many different Absinthe and these ones were actually my favorite. They all had that hardcore wormwood taste(Gothica especially) , and the effect wass quite pleasing. I would recommend trying these if you want results. Thanks Alandia and Hail!!!!

5 Item(s)

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