Marilyn Manson Absinthe Special

Welcome Marilyn Manson Absintheurs! This set was created in partnership with the forum. If you are looking for some goth-inspired Absinthes, here they are!

This Set contains:

1 x Absinthe Gothica   +€0.00
1 x Absinthe Mansinthe   +€0.00


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Welcome Marilyn Manson Absintheurs! This Absinthe set was created in partnership with the forum. The set includes a bottle of the blackest and damn strong Essence-of-Darkness Absinthe Gothica, and the official Absinthe from Marilyn Manson, Mansinthe. Enjoy your journey to the Golden Age of Grotesque.


Gothica Absinthe "Cocktail":

Additional Info

Additional Info

Country of Origin:
Alcohol: 66.6% - 80%
Content (l): 1.2
Tasting Notes: From classic (Mansinthe) to extreme (Gothica)
Contains Colorings: Yes


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Dark and Mystical
Right off the top, Mansinthe is my new favorite absinthe. It is a well rounded Swiss absinthe with a fantastic milky, opalescent louche and a smooth bouquet and mellow taste. The Gothica is a force to be reckoned with. The first taste hits you in the face. It has hints of lavender and a sexy, milky purple louche. Gothica is very strong and needed an extra bit of water to bring it down to a drinkable volume. Both absinthes in this set are worth trying if you seek a unique adventure in darkness.
I have just recieved my bottle of Mansinthe is has quite a strong aniseed taste which i wasn't expecting but that didn't stop me from enjoying it and the after effects are *Beautifull* plus the very *Beautifull* and atmospheric music CD and the sweets nice touch VERY MaNsOn i will be buying more of this in the future.
The Mansinthe is great - it really is a nice balance between the alcohol level, the herbs, and the overall flavor. I could drink it every night. The Gothica, on the other hand, is the most wretched substance ever. It looks black at first, but upon tilting the bottle, you can see that it resembles windshield wiper fluid. Upon drinking some, I became convinced that this was indeed a crucial component of the drink. There is no redeeming quality, as it brings on a slow headachey buzz, so you can't even bear to drink yourself into a stupor and forget how bad it tastes. Truly the most vile alcohol to ever pass my lips.
An excellent package. Both absinthes are different from one another in every aspect, but they still work well with each other. I tried the suggestion of mixing the Gothica absinthe with a Merlot and was not disappointed in the slightest. Watching Alice in Wonderland while drawing and drinking Mansinthe is an excellent mixture of creativity.
I'm very pleased to be the first person to review this product. This was my first taste of absinthe, and I can say with confidence that I certainly plan to repeat my business. I was turned off at first by the strength of the alcohol, but I eventually grew accusotmed and was then able to enjoy it in its entirety. I give only fours stars to this package, because I am a novice; however, the experience was such a thrill, I must rate it above a three. In closing, alandia's service is excellent. I would give them five out of five.

5 Item(s)

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