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Marilyn Manson´s Absinthe Mansinthe

Mansinthe is the official Absinthe of the artist Marilyn Manson. Marilyn Mansinthe is a fan of the Green Fairy. Therefore it fits well, that he launched his very own Absinthe, Mansinthe. His Absinthe is surprisingly not black, it is green and it has 66.6 % alcohol. With this unique liquor you can indeed travel to the Golden Age of Grotesque. You can buy a bottle of Mansinth easily online. The absinthe shop ALANDIA sells the original version and ships worldwide. ALANDIA also sells Gothica, a black Absinthe with 80% alcohol. You might want to get both to experience the vividness of this very special spirit.

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The Absinthe of Marilyn Manson

Mansinthe is distilled in Switzerland by the Matter distillery. This distillery is specialized on the production of premium spirits. Therefore also Mansinthe can be regarded as a premium Absinthe. Although Marilyn Mansons music is in some sense extraordinary, you can say that his Absinthe is more of a classic absynth. It makes uses of the traditional ingredients like wormwood, fennel and anise and adds some special other botanicals. Overall this absinthe is balanced and not too licorice from its taste. Therefore professional and beginner absintheurs can enjoy this very special alcohol. The label on the bottle shows an original artwork of Marilyn Manson. Yes, Manson is as well an artist, maybe the Green Fairy already inspired him for some paintings! Therefore get yourself a bottle of mansinthe and experience what inspires Marilyn Manson!


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Marilyn Manson Absinthe

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Gothic Absinthe

Absinthe Gothica

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Absinthe and Mansinthe

You could say that Absinthe and Manson are the perfect combination as both are unique and special. You can also say that Marilyn Manson really was one of the first persons to enjoy this unique liquor. Before the creation of his own brand he drank Serpis Red with 65% alcohol. This is a Spanish Absinthe. On some pictures you see him with a bottle of Serpis in the background. Marilyn isn´t the only one drinking absinthe. His whole band fall in love with the Green Fairy.

Below you can see a picture of an absinthe spoon. This is an accessory you need to have to prepare a glass of the Green Fairy the authentic way. Below you also find a video of the Czech Ritual of drinking absinthe. As you will see it is a ritual where you light up the sugar cube. We do not recommend it, as the fine flavor of the spirit is negatively affected by the caramelization of the sugar. And as well the glass can break due to the heat. Have a look at the video and you will see why you should avoid the fire ritual. We recommend the French ritual of drinking absinthe. Just add ice cold water to the drink and some sugar. That´s all.

Absinthe Spoon


You can also use an absinthe fountain if you like it more exclusive. At ALANDIA you will find some more info in regard of the fountain riual.

Where can I buy Mansinthe online?

You can easily purchase ya bottle of Marilyn´s Absinthe online. The best shop to buy original Absinthe is ALANDIA. ALANDIA stands for the World of absinthe, menaing that you can buy everything that is related to the Green Fairy in their store. You will find a large selection of absinthe spoons, and absinthe glasses. But as well absinthe bottles, posters, fountains, carafes / decanter, sugar cubes and literature. Check out the shop, you will not regret it!



See what other Absintheurs say about Mansinthe:

„am right now on my second glass. Great stuff!! First time I drank it with 3 sugar cubes, a little sweet. Second time only one sugar cube, that was just a good balance of bitter and sweet. Effects come slow and seem to be staying.. ! hopefully it gets stronger at the end of this second glass. ;)!“

Ash from USA

„I just received my bottle of mansinth and incidentally it also happened to be my very first experience with the Green Fairy at all. And I must admit me and my wifey both thought it was superb! We will definitly order mansinthe again when it runs out. We both have loved marilyn manson´s songs for a long time and although it is what got us curious about it it is not the only reason we love his absinthe. The taste of this spirits is very exquisite and enjoyable (especially for a person like me who is very picky about taste and doesn´t like anything too licorice). It was very smooth. I also got a bottle of strong68 and we still have to try it, tomorrow! Once again, it was avery nice mellow enjoyable effect. A lovely experience.!!“

Randy from USA

„I´m a big fan of Marilyn Manson. My first bottle was given to me by my little sister, with her aI emptied the bottle fast.. It is a lovely drink. I myself mix it one to one (water to absinth). It carries a most intoxicating scent and taste. I would love to thank Manson himself for such a good Absinthe.!“

Peter from UK


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