Absinthe Maison ALANDIA Set

This premium Absinthe set includes finest Maison ALANDIA Absinthe Verte, luxurious Absinthe silver spoons in the design of the Eiffel Tower and two mouth-blown Absinthe glasses. The set is the reference for the noble Absintheur.

This Set contains:

1 x Absinthe Maison ALANDIA   +€0.00
2 x Absinthe Glass Pontarlier Premium   +€0.00
2 x Absinthe Spoon Paris 1889 Silver   +€0.00
1 x Original Absinthe Sugar Cubes   +€0.00


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The Maison ALANDIA Absinthe Set includes one of the best Absinthes available on the market plus very exclusive Absinthe accessories. Absinthe Maison ALANDIA is distilled with 16 different herbs, including locally grown wormwood (artemisia absinthium), artemisia pontica, green anise, veronica, angelica, fennel and coriander. Besides the complexity of the herbal composition, a strong focus is put into the process of distillation. Each step is handcrafted by a small family owned German distillery located in the Bavarian Forest. Only 30 liter are distilled in one batch. Like in the old days, wood is used to heat the alembic, no electricity. Each Absinthe distillation runs for 10 hours, allowing all the herbal tones to be set free. After distillation, additional herbs are added to create Maison ALANDIA´s poetical natural green color. The final product is matured for several weeks to develop its complex body, and full character. The taste of pontica is present when you drink this Absinthe, anise is only in the background, together with a slightly sweet chocolate smack. One sip and you will taste why this Absinthe is something special: A historical dedication.

Furthermore, this set includes two Pontarlier Absinthe glasses. They are mouth-blown, therefore they do not have unattractice manufaturing seams. The material is premium crystal-glass, which you will hear, once you clink the glasses. The spoons are silver-plated and show the famous Eiffel Tower. They are authentic reproductions of the historical Absinthe spoon from 1889, which was made for the inauguration of the building. A bag of individually wrapped Absinthe sugar cubes completes the set.


Additional Info

Additional Info

Country of Origin: Germany
Alcohol: 70%
Content (l): 0.7
Tasting Notes: Complex Absinthe with significant notes of artemisia pontica and chocolate in the background
Contains Colorings: No


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