Absinthe Pernod Traditionelle

The Pernod Absinthe Recette Traditionelle is the closest possible recreation of the famous Pernod Absinthe from 1805. A must have Absinthe for every Absintheur.
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Henri Louis Pernod, the founder of the Pernod company, originally bought a recipe for a herbal elixir. He thought that it would be a good idea to market this elixir as a regular spirit. He started a minor production run, supplied the French Army with rations of his "healthy" spirit and the success story of the Green Fairy began. This true story is over 200 years old, but it is the start of Absinthe and its related culture. This contemporary Pernod Absinthe is the closest possible recreation of the famous Pernod Absinthe from 1805. Wormwood and green anise from Pontarlier is used for distillation - like decades ago when Pernod had a major production facility in this small French city. The mandatory Absinthe herbs are distilled in a wine base alcohol and the "heart cut" of the distillate is macerated again in an aromatic composition of star anise, melissa, petit wormwood, hyssop and other secret plants and seeds that give this Absinthe its´ beautiful green color.


Important background info in regard of Pernod Absinthe Traditionelle:

The Pernod Absinthe we sell is the new Recette Traditionelle. New, because Pernod sold for some years a mediocre Absinthe. The new version is much closer to the historical original and way better in quality. The old and new bottles look quite similar, though, so watch out, that you buy the right one. Here at ALANDIA you will of course get the better version :-).

Additional Info

Additional Info

Country of Origin France
Alcohol 68%
Tasting Star anise gives this Absinthe a more intense licorice taste
Contains Colorings No
Color No
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