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To buy Absinthe simply visit the Absinthe Shop ALANDIA. You can buy a lot of different Absinthes in our Absinthe shop: Real strong Absinthe like Strong68 with a high amount of wormwood / thujon or authentic, premium distilled Absinthe like Maison ALANDIA, Heritage Verte or Epoque. We also stock the Jade Absinthe line, including Jade Blanchette, Nouvelle Orleans, PF 1901 and Edouard. These Absinthes are distilled by the French Combier distillery supervised by the chemist Ted Breaux. When you visit our online shop to buy original Absinthe you will step into the "World of the Green Fairy". You will not regret it! In the following paragraph we will explain how to properly drink Absinthe:

You place an Absinthe spoon on the glass (a good one is the Reservoir Pontarlier Absinthe glass II) and place one or two sugar cubes on the spoon (the sugar cubes are the individually wrapped sugar cubes from ALANDIA). Then you pour the Green Fairy over the sugar. The Absinthe begins to louche, meaning that the green color of the spirit turns into a milky white. This is a magical moment! You can also use a Brouille or an Absinthe Fountain to improve the ritual.


Where can I buy real Absinthe?

At ALANDIA, the World of Absinthe. But before we explain more in detail, why you should buy Absinthe at ALANDIA and not soewhere else, let us talk about the drink "Absinthe" itself first: Absinthe is the magical word for the historical drink of the 19th century. Its unique properties are the wonderful green color, the high alcohol degree of over 68%, and the magic of the Green Fairy supported by famous artists and poets who confessed their love to this very special alcoholic spirit commonly know under the name the Green Fairy. Did we forget something..? Yes! And of course the enlightning effect of the herbal ingredients, especially artemisia absinthium/wormwood. But to avoid misunderstandings or dissapointment, Absinthe is not a drug, it is a drink/spirit distilled out of the plant wormwood, and wormwood contains the psychoactive ingredient thujone/thujon. This substance can cause an effect, but you have to drink at least 3-4 glasses of real absinthe. In the EU a legal level of 35mg thujon is allowed, in the USA only Absinthes with up to 10mg are sold. But you should appreciate as well the historical and cultural aspect of this drink. There are so many interesting stories around the Green Fairy.

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Which Absinthe is the best to buy?

Our favorite premium Absinthe is Heritage Verte, Epoque and Maison ALANDIA. These brands set the standard in terms of quality and distillation experience. The best absinthe effect has Strong68 and Gold68. But we recommend that you try out yourself to find your favorite. The World of Absinthe has so much to offer, so start to explore!

Always remember, Absint (the Swedish spelling) was forbidden for over 100 years. So you now have the opportunity and right to once again drink this liquor. Originally the drink was invented in Switzerland, to be precise in the French part of Switzerland. Now, thanks to its legalization, the Green Fairy fascinates Absintheurs once again with its magic!


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„Hello ALANDIA, im completly impressed by your quick responce to my issue and just want you to know you have made a very loyal customer and strong advocate of Alandia here in the States.... Yours truly Brent...i will enjoy speaking highly of your company....“

Brent from Philadelphia

„I wanted to thank you so very much for your fantastic & prompt attention to my order! It was received within 72HRs after I placed it-I cannot get the same service within my own Country :-) I am very happy with my 1st order of Gold 68 & will be a regular customer for life-I have always wanted to try Absinthe but am not a fan of anise so the Gold 68 was perfect for myself & my partner too. We will both tell our friends & family how wonderful Your company is & that the Green Fairy definitely exists! We could not be happier w your products, service, etc. I rate you w 10 Stars out of 5-Thanks Again for making a life long dream become a everyday part of our lives-Best Regards“

CK from USA

„Just received my order. Very fast delivery! Excellent service! Thank you all. Cannot wait to have a glass. Also, thanks for the gummy bears!“

LC from Seattle

„Thank you for the quick response, we got our Absinthe delivered today at the doorstep. Great customer service, we will be doing business again!“

Kevin from USA



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