Absynth the Green Fairy
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Absynth and the Green Fairy

What is Absynth...? Maybe you do not exactly know what this liquor is all about. First of all absynth or absynthe is a synonym for Absinthe, which is an historical alcoholic drink, that was drunk for quite a while in Europe during the 19th century. Unfortunately it got banned and absinthe was illegal for a long period. But this has changed! Absynthe / absynth orAabsinthe is now legal everywhere in the world. In the USA the spirit was legalized in 2008. Other countries, almost all European countries, legalized absynthe by the beginning of the 21st century. In the USA Lucid absinthe was on of the first approved US Absinthes. The ingredient "thujone" is present in the oil of the wormwood plant (artemisia absinthium) that gives the Green Fairy its magic effect. Legal Absinthe in the USA is sold at reduced levels of 10mg max. thujon. In Europe a legal level of 35mg thujon is allowed. If you want to buy original Absynth, then please visit our online shop ALANDIA:


Absynth also spelled correctly, Absinthe

If you don't know how to drink absynthe just check out our videos of how to drink absinthe. We also have one video about the ritual here online at this site. It features the French style of preparing a glass of the Green Fairy. When you perform the drinking ritual, you will experience that the green liquor turns white when you add water. This effect is called the "louche". The green elixir louches to an oplaescent white. It is a very magical moment. It is sais that this is the moment when the Green Fairy evokes to life! As you see in the video you need an Absinthe glass to drink absinthe. It has a special shape. In the stem you have a reservoir to measure the correct amount of absynthe. Probably the most important tool you need to drink absinthe is the absynthe spoon. You place the spoon on the glass, put one or two sugar cubes on it, the best sugar cubes are the individually wrapped absinthe sugar cubes from, and then you pour Absinthe and water over it. But of course you need a bottle or original Absynth to experience this very special spirit. Below you find a listing of strong, best and real strong absynthe;

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The Absynthe spoon of Toulouse Lautrec

Famous Absintheurs and visitors of the notorious Parisian bar "Moulin Rouge" were Henri Toulouse Lautrec and Vincent van Gogh. As mr. H. L. Lautrec was son of a very rich aristocrat family, he had a spoon, which was especially designed for him. spoon. Below you can have a look at a picture of the Lautrec absinthe spoon. Reproductions are now available:

absynthe spoon of toulouse lautrec


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