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Absinthe Republique Vintage Set

Absinthe Republique Vintage Set

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The historical and contemporary Absinthe culture is deeply rooted in the French Republic. Being created in the year 1792, Absinthe popularity grew steadily throughout the 19th century, especially in the French metropolitan areas. Reminisce of the golden era, Absinthe République is produced in France at the Paul Devoille Absinthe distillery. Mr. Paul Devoille founded the distillery in 1859 and now, 150 years later, Absinthe République is distilled at this heritage site. Below you can see a vintage picture of Mr. Paul Devoille, proudly standing in front of his mansion. The recipe of Absinthe République Vintage is based on a traditional herbal composition. It includes green anise, fennel and of course wormwood. But Absinthe République uses as well a special ingredient, that gives this Absinthe a unique taste: Coriander seeds. The seeds of coriander taste completely different in comparison to fresh coriander leaves. You will experience a nutty, slightly fresh note, perfectly matching the aromas of fennel and anise. For the distillation wine alcohol is used as a base. This gives Absinthe République Vintage a faint touch of Cognac in the finish. If you are looking for a premium Absinthe and appreciate the combination of tradtion with a hint of modernism, then this Absinthe should be your choice!

This set includes the following articles:

  • 1x Absinthe République Vintage, 68%, 0.7 liter / 23.65 fl.
  • 2x Absinthe Glasses Pontarlier II 
  • 2x Absinthe Spoon Classic
  • 1x Pack wrapped Sugar Cubes
  • Instead of 74.50 Euro now 68.90 Euro

Paul Devoille

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