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Absinthe Fusion

Absinthe Fusion

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Absinthe Fusion is a creative Absinthe, developed by a Swiss cook, two scientists (a German physicist and an Austrian biologist) and last but not least a Swiss master distiller. The recipe is historical, therefore Absinthe Fusion is a quality Absinthe with a multinational "scientific" touch. Special about this Absinthe is its slight chocolate taste, as real cocoa beans are used for distillation.

  • 0.7 liter / 23.65 fl.oz.
  • 68% alcohol

Absinthe Review: Absinthe Fusion

Absintheur: Jack Thompson 06.02.2015

This is something different and quite good. Distilled by Oliver Matter using traditional herbs but with the addition of cocoa beans.The aroma and flavor are a wonderful, but not overpowering, chocolate. No artificial additives or flavorings are added. This blanche is a bit slow to louche, but once it gets started it\'s just fine. I\'ve had it without sugar and loved it, but with sugar added to it it could almost be a dessert absinthe. I\'ll be getting more!
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