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Absinthe Gruene Fee

Absinthe Gruene Fee

Product Nr.: 1197

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26.90 EUR
38.43 EUR per 1 Liter
3 star rating
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This Absinthe has no licorice taste. Its taste profile is sweet with notes of cinnamon. It is not an Absinthe in the traditional sense, but perfect for those who do not like the licorice taste usually connected with Absinthe. You can also drink Absinthe Gruene Fee (the German word for Green Fairy) mixed with Coke. We can tell you, it is a pretty "unique" drink with the ability to create some very special nights...

  • 55% alcohol
  • 0.7 liter / 23.65 fl.oz
  • Anise free
  • Contains colorings

Absinthe Review: Absinthe Gruene Fee

Absintheur: Cornel Leahu 30.08.2012

I had a mini of this sent to me as a gift. Its not an absinthe; its a marketing device. It has the most beautiful bottle lable design of all and the colour is electric.. but its not absinthe. It looks great on the shelf.. but its not absinthe. So pretty... yawn. -Cornel \"Tiger\" Leahu
Absintheur: Randall Butler 16.09.2008

Taste great if you dont like Anise. Affect was decent and very easy to drink.
Absintheur:  Visitor 19.02.2007

Mr. "Absinthe is about the effect" here for another review. This is about the 13th or 14th spirit I have tried, and while it doesn't taste great, the overall package more than makes up for that shortcoming. First off, as suggested this is a GREAT mixer; you can mix 2:1 and hardly taste the bitterness of the absinthe and being only 50% there is practically no burn (don't know why you'd want a bite...). When prepared with the traditional method, there is admittedly no louche and it does taste rather artificial, although good enough that it can still be drank fairly easily (loads better than Vision in any case). The smell is sweet and rather pleasant, with just a hint of the alcohol noticeable. As far as bottle design goes, this is my favourite of all time; simple and to the point with an excellent animation of the Green Fairy, long neck, and clear to show off the great colour of the absinthe. It would certainly be worth an order simply for the beautiful bottle. Value-wise it is unbeatable as well; a full .7 litres of high thujone absinthe for under 30 EUR is outstanding. And most importantly, the effect was quite noticeable, albeit rather straightforward. Not much in the line of uplifting mood and creative effects for this spirit, but it has a VERY nice, purely-sedating effect, so don't bring this one to an all-nighter! The thujone content feels around 20-22 mg. So then; decent taste, little to no burn, great value/bottle design, and a very nice absinthe effect add up to a solid 4-star rating in my book.
Absintheur:  Visitor 16.02.2007

Another review by BnD. Check out our review on gold/strong 68 for details on our preferences. B: not being a licorice fan, you think I would really enjoyed this selection. However, I don't. That is not to say that this is a terrible choice. It has no bite to it at all, the effect is understated and if you add too much water in the mix it almost tastes like some really weak mouthwash or breath freshening gum. I don't believe that absinthe should be used as a mixer, but this is one I would actually considered trying with something like Coke as suggested. The color is very pretty, it smells nice and the bottle is a nice addition to a collection, but I doubt I will ever order this one again for myself. 2 stars D: I like cinnamon, but this actually does not have as strong of the cinnamon flavor as I had hoped for. Though the aroma is pleasant and the color is very vibrant, it just falls short of my expectation in terms of taste and effect. Not something I would go out of my way for again. Also 2 stars
Absintheur: Renee Ferguson 28.05.2006

It's a decent absinth for the price, but it doesn't stand on its own alone. It works much better for mixing than anything else.
Absintheur: Amy Olson 25.02.2006

This was the second non-anise absinthe I tried and I'm not sure if I like absinthe without the anise. I love anise flavor. But this one is not too bad. At first we tried preparing it the French and Bohemian ways and it was just ok. But then we took a chance and tried it in diet Coke as others had mentioned. At first taste it's very odd. Somewhat sweet, with a strange sweet aftertaste. And the color of it makes your Coke look like chartruese color. But this concoction grows on you. After a while my friend stopped drinking the Moulin Verte in favor for this in diet Coke. I liked it, but still favor my anise absinthes. If I were out to buy another non-anise one I'd probably get this one again. I'd try it in sugar free Red Bull too, we had not thought about that but I bet that would be interesting.
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