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Absinthe Hamlet Hardcore Blue

Absinthe Hamlet Hardcore Blue

Product Nr.: A1358

Shipping time:
10-12 days to USA
32.90 EUR
65.80 EUR per 1 Liter

Hamlet, the tragedy by William Shakespeare, recounts how Prince Hamlet exacts revenge on his uncle for murdering his father. The gravedigger scene is well known, where Hamlet thinks about the commonness of death and the vanity of life, while looking in the face of an unearthed skull. To be or not to be, probably the most famous quote of the play, expresses what Absinthe Hamlet Hardcore stands for: An Absinthe with the merciless alcohol degree of 80% combined with the inspiring virtues of the wormwood plant. Enjoy!

P.S.: You shouldn´t drink Absinthe Hamlet Hardcore straight, unless you want to experience the "shot of death". We recommend to drink Hamlet Hardcore on ice or mixed with two parts ice cold water.

  • 80% alcohol
  • 0.5 liter / 16.89 fl.oz.
  • Color: Blue
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to shipping restrictions in the US states of FL, GA, AL, MS, TN, LA, SC we can not ship Absinthe with alcohol content over 70% by vol. to those areas. Please order accordingly.

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