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Absinthe of the Month: Sample Collection

Absinthe of the Month: Sample Collection

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Do you want to sample the World of Absinthe? Our Absinthe of the Month sample set includes five Absinthes, which are all very different to each other. Therefore you can experience a broad spectrum of taste with this set. Tasting notes are listed on the backside of the box. Because of its exclusive content and beautiful packaging the ALANDIA Absinthe Sample Collection qualifies as well as a great gift for any (potential) Absintheur! With every set you will either get an Absinthe spoon or Absinthe sugar cubes for free. Just make your choice.

  • 1x Absinthe Heritage Verte, France, 68%, 50ml
  • 1x Absinthe Moulin Vert, 68%, France, 50ml
  • 1x Absinthe République Vintage, France, 68%, 50ml
  • 1x Absinthe Strong68, 68%, 50ml
  • 1x Absinthe Gold68, 68%, 50ml
  • + Free Absinthe Spoon or Absinthe Sugar Cubes

Don´t know how to prepare your glass of Absinthe? Then check out our Absinthe Ritual Videos!

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Absinthe Review: Absinthe of the Month: Sample Collection

Absintheur: Jack Thompson 26.10.2010

These tubes are great! Excellent, very professional packaging, plus 5 top notch absinthes. I bought several of these as Christmas presents, but after seeing them I'm keeping at least one for myself. Next order I'll definately be getting more as presents!
Absintheur:  Visitor 20.10.2010

Absolutely gorgeous!!! PAckaging plus Absinthe! Will buy more of these sets for christmas.
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